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Dr Hanan Sukkar

Position: Lecturer in Early Childhood Education
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 92445122 +61 3 92445122



Dr Hanan Sukkar is a child and family development specialist with more than eightenn years of experience working with families and children with developmental delay or disability. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Child and Family Development, a Masters of Education and a Doctor of Education. Hanan has worked at director level assisting vulnerable families on welfare in USA and at management level overseeing new migrants in Australia. She has extensive experience working with the Government of Victoria, having worked for the Department of Human Services and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development focusing on Early Childhood Intervention. She has held an academic position with Deakin University and currently holds an academic position with Monash University. Hanans research draws on the quality of early childhood intervention and families' perception of quality.

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Research projects

Community of Practice- OzChild

The project focuses on understanding authentic screening and structured observantions- enabling staff to grasp what they are looking for when watch a child play, or interacts with others through play. The porject also investigates the role of professionals- what signs would staff be looking for that might alert them to the need for a referral to a specific discipline or support systems. In broader terns, the workshops highlight the differnce between delayed development and specific disorder. 


Knowledge and Haman Development Authority- Government of Dubai.

Review of the newly developed Early Childhood Educations Centres Evaluation Framework and the Guide to Inspection Methods.


Early Childhood Mentors Navigating Change- Monash University

This pilot study investigates existing perceptions and practices of mentor teachers in the Early Childhood setting. The study is framed around the key question: "How do mentiors experience quality through their relationships with Early Childhood pre-service teachers?"

The pilot provides opportunities to:

  1. Develop strong working partnerships with major industry providers.
  2. Enhance the capactity for interactions between teritary providers and practicing Early Childhood teachers.
  3. Engage in shared professional development of the Early Childhood professional body in the South-Eastern growth corridor. 


Change Management Project- Princes Nora University & Monash University

This is a project that investigates change management and organisation cultural change. The project lends a focus to curricuum and students, research and research training, partnership and collaborations, staffing and professional learning, leadership and communication and resources and infrastructure. 

Research interests

Early Childhood Intervention

Inclusive Practice

Special Education

Family-Centred Practice

Research, Policy and Evidence-Based Practice

Reflective Practice and Reflexive Practice

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