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Dr Naomi Priest

Position: Alfred Deakin Senior Research Fellow
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Arts & Education
Department: Alfred Deakin RI - Citizenship & Globalisation
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 92517076 +61 3 92517076



Naomi is an Alfred Deakin Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Citizenship and Globalization. Her current research is focused on addressing child health inequalities through combating racism and promoting diversity and inclusion. This includes social epidemiology and qualitative research to understand the effects of racism on child and youth health and wellbeing, how children develop racial/ethnic attitudes and intercultural understanding, as well as developing, implementing and evaluating anti-racism interventions with children and young people. She also leads research examining community attitudes towards cultural diversity and experiences of racism among adults from majority and minority backgrounds.

Naomi also has a strong interest in evidence synthesis and knowledge translation and exchange, and has worked with the Cochrane Public Health Group on consultancies for Queensland Health, the WHO Global Commission for Social Determinants of Health and VicHealth. 

Naomi has also worked as an occupational therapist in a range of community settings with children and families from diverse backgrounds and as a lecturer and clinical supervisor in occupational therapy.


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (OccThy),
  • Doctor of Philosophy, 2009

Career highlights

Dr Priest has 59 publications consisting of 46 peer reviewed journal articles, 3 peer-reviewed book chapters, and 9 commissioned reports. She is an investiagor on 7 current and 13 completed grants (including 9 as CIA) worth over $4.5 million. Dr Priest has delivered 81 presentations, including internationally one invited plenary address, three invited seminar presentations and 28 conference presentations. Dr Priest is a grant reviewer for the NHMRC, ARC and US-Israel Binational foundation, peer reviewer for 15 journals, and currently (co)supervises 6 PhD students and 2 honours students. She is also a Visiting Scientist at Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University.

As of July 2014, Dr Priest has 466 citations in google scholar with a Google H index of 12. Her work has been published in high ranking Australian and international journals of several disciplines, including: Social Science and Medicine, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, Medical Journal of Australia, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, Health Sociology Review, Race, Ethnicity and Education, International Journal of Intercultural Relations and Journal of Youth and Adolescence.

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Knowledge areas

child health inequalities; antiracism; social epidemiology; qualitative studies; child and youth health and wellbeing; intervention evaluation; attitudes towards diversity

Media appearances

Includes coverage in: ABC News Radio (2014), The Age (2012,2014), The Australian (2014), The Courier Mail Brisbane (2014), Brisbane Times (2014), 4BC Radio (2014), National Indigenous Radio (2014), Radio Adelaide (2014), the Geelong Advertiser (2014), Koori Mail (2012,2013), SBS Radio (2013), 774 ABC Melbourne (2013), Herald Sun (2013, 2014), National Indigenous Television News (2013, 2014), MX Sydney (2013), 3CR Community radio (2013), Triple R (2013), American Urban Radio Network (2013), Koori Radio (2013), News Journal USA (2013), Westside Gazette USA (2013), The Miami Times USA (2013), SBS TV news (2012), 2UE Sydney (2012).


Awards and prizes

  • 2013  Scholarship for Advanced Leadership Program, Women & Leadership Australia, Workplace Training Advisory Australia
  • 2012  Travelling Scholarship to attend Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Workshop on Race and Health Disparities in the United States.
  • 2008-2009 Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) NHMRC/ARC New Investigators Network award


Research projects

Current projects:

  • Priest N, Dunn K, Paradies Y, Nelson J, Pedersen A, Curry P, Mouglalis E, Stipanovic M, Thompson C, Nissim R. Standing up to racism and racial bullying among Australian school students. ARC Linkage, LP140100413, 2014-2016.
  • Priest N. Understanding and countering the impact of racism on the health of children and young people from racial/ethnic minority backgrounds, Alfred Deakin Fellowship, Deakin University, 2014-2016.
  • Priest N, White F, Walton J, Kowal E, Paradies Y. 'Talking Culture' - Supporting positive racial/ethnic socialisation among Australian primary school children and their teachers and parents
  • Bodkin-Andrews G, Priest N, Parada R, Bansel P. Babera dariadya yewing (Echoes of a flawed truth): Investigating theory and practice on the interplay between bullying and racism. ARC Indigenous Discovery Grant. IN130100051, 2013-
  • Halse C, Mansouri F, Moss J, Arrowsmith C, Arber R, Priest N, Denson N, Webster S. Doing diversity: Intercultural understanding in primary and secondary schools. ARC Linkage grant, 2012-2015.
  • Paradies Y, Priest N, Kowal E, Kelaher M, Mansouri F, McFadzean M, Meehan C, Sproul L. Using museums to counter racism and increase acceptance of diversity among young people, ARC Linkage, 2012-2014.

Research interests

racial/ethnic health inequalities; children and youth; racism and anti-racism; racial/ethnic socialisation; intercultural relations and intercultural understading



Recent selected publications:

Priest N, Perry R, Paradies Y, Ferdinand A and Kelaher M. 2014. Experiences of Racism, Racial/Ethnic Attitudes, Motivated Fairness and Mental Heakth Outcomes among Primary and Secondary School Students. Journal of Youth and Adolescence. DOI 10.1007/s10964-014-0140-9

Priest N, Waltom J, White F, Kowal E, Fox B, Paradies Y. 2014. 'You are not born being racist, are you?' Discussing racism with primary aged-children. Race Ethnicity and Education. DOI 10.1080/13613324.2014.946496

Priest N, Waltom J, White F, Kowal E, Baker A, Paradies Y. 2014. Understanding the complexities of the ethnic-racial socialization processes for both minority and majority groups: A 30-year review. International Journal of Intercultural Relations. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijintrel.2014.08.003

Truong M, Paradies Y, Priest N. 2014. Interventions to improve cultural competency in healthcare: a systematic review of reviews. BMC Public Health. 14(99)

Priest N, Paradies Y, Ferdinand A, Rouhani L and Kelaher M. 2014. Patterns of intergroup contact in public spaces: micro-ecology of segregation in Australian Communities. Societies. 4:30-44.

Walton J, Priest N, Kowal E, Brickwood K, Fox B, White F and Paradies Y. 2014. Talking culture? Egalitarianism, color-blindess and racism in Australian elementary schools. Teaching and Teacher Education. 39:112-122

Walton J, Paradies Y, Priest N, Freeman L, Wertheim E. Fostering intercultural understanding through secondary school experiences of cultural immersion. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education (forthcoming).

Paradies Y, Priest N, Ben J, Truong M, Gupta A, Pieterse A, Kelaher M, Gee G. 2013. Racism as a determinant of health: A protocol for conducting a systematic review and meta-analysis. Systematic Reviews. 2(84).

Paradies Y, Truong M, Priest N. 2013. A systematic review of the extent and measurement healthcare provider racism. Journal of General Internal Medicine. 29(2):364-87.

Walton J, Priest N, Paradies Y. 2013. 'It Depends How You're Saying It': The Conceptual Complexities of Everday Racism. International Journal of Conflict and Violence. 7(1):74-90.

Walton J, Priest N, Paradies Y. 2013. Identifying and developing effective approaches to foster intercultural understanding in schools. Intercultural Education. 24(3).

Priest N, Paradies Y, Trenerry B, Truong M, Karlsen S, Kelly Y. 2013. A systematic review of studies examining the relationship between reported racism and health and wellbeing for children and young people. Social Science and Medicine. 95:114-127.

Priest N, Baxter J, Hayes L. 2012. Social and emotional outcomes of young Australian children from Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Australia and New Zealand Jourbal of Public Health. 26(2):183-190.

Priest N, Paradies Y, Stevens M, Bailie R. 2012. Exploring relationships between racism, housing and child illness in remote Indigenous communities. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. 6(5):440-447.

Priest N, Mackean T, Davis E, Briggs L, Waters E. 2012. Strengths and challenges for Koori Kids: Harder for Koori Kids, Koori Kids doing well - Exploring Aboriginal perspectives on social determinants of Aboriginal child health and wellbeing. Health Sociology Review. 21(2): 165.

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