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Aprof Hans Lofgren

Position: Associate Professor
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Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 92443969 +61 3 92443969



Hans Lofgren teaches in Politics and Policy Studies. His research is focused on Indian politics and the political economy of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology in Australia, India and globally.
Publications include H. Lofgren & O. Williams (eds) 2013, The New Political Economy of Drugs: Production, Innovation and TRIPS in the Global South, Palgrave Macmillan, London; H. Lofgren (ed) 2013, The Politics of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Access to Medicines: World Pharmacy and India, Social Science Press, New Delhi; H. Lofgren, M. Leahy & E. de Leeuw (eds) 2011, Democratizing Health: Consumer Groups in the Policy Process, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar; and H. Lofgren & P. Sarangi (eds) 2009, The Politics and Culture of Globalisation: India and Australia, Social Science Press, New Delhi.


  • Master of Arts, 1977
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Arts), 1997

Professional activities

Associate Editor of the Australian Journal of Political Science


Teaching Interests

AIP398 Political Leadership
AIP203 Politics in India
AIP484 Rethinking the State
AIP748 Intergovernmental Relations


Awards and prizes

Commonwealth Endeavour Executive Award (2009)


Research projects

Pharmaceuticals in developing and emerging economies
Political parties in India

Research interests

Indian politics The politics and economics of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology Health policy

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