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Prof David Marshall

Position: Chair in New Media, Communication and Cultural Studies
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Faculty or Division: Faculty of Arts & Education
Department: School of Communication & Creative Arts
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 92446559 +61 3 92446559



  • Doctor of Philosophy, McGill University (Canada), 1993
  • Master of Arts, Simon Fraser University, 1985
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Western Ontario, 1981

Career highlights

I have published several books that have helped establish the study of celebrity and the public personality as well as explore new media cultures, media and popular culture from a cultural studies perspective: 

5 books, 18 book chapters and 36 articles and many reports and short reviews, key notes and articles.

My work that has had the greatest impact:

Celebrity and Power: Fame in Contemporary Culture. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press (1997) 290(1997) 290 p.
New edition: With new Introduction - 2014
954 citations as of September 2014

New Media Cultures. (Edward Arnold/Oxford, London UK – for the Cultural Studies in Practice series, 2004 ) 120 p.  163 citations  as of September

Web Theory (cowritten w/ Robert Burnett) ( Routledge: London and New York 2003) 246 p.  312 citations as of September 2014

Celebrity Culture Reader (Routledge: London and New York, November 2006) 853 p.  - the definitive collection of writing on celebrity. 88 Citations as of September 2014

Fame Games: Production of Celebrity in Australia. (Co-written with Frances Bonner and Graeme Turner) Melbourne: Cambridge University Press, (Sydney, London, 2000/1) Shortlisted for the Australian Non-Fiction Glebe Book Prize (one of four national finalists) 196 p. 204 citations as of September 2014

"The promotion and presentation of the self: celebrity as marker of presentational media", Celebrity Studies. Vol.1: 1, March 2010, pp. 35-48.  71 citations as of September 2014 

"The New Intertextual Commodity" in Dan Harries (ed.). The New Media Book. London: BFI, 2002, 69-82. 86 citations as of September 2014

“New Media – New Self: The changing power of celebrity” in Marshall (ed.) Celebrity Culture Reader. New York/London: Routledge, 2006. pp. 634-644. 42 citations as of September 2014

(2014) “Persona Studies:  mapping the proliferation of the public self” Journalism, February, Vol:15:2 DOI: 10.1177/1464884913488720 Available at, pp. 153-170  11 citations as of September 2014

Barbour, K and Marshall, D. (2012)“The Academic Online: Constructing Persona through the World Wide Web. First Monday. 17:9, 3 September, available at:  16 citations as of September 2014


Cultural Research Network member
Cultural Studies Association
International Communication Association

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Public personalities, celebrity, popular culture, the link between popular and political culture, new media, online culture, public persona, stardom, socia media, links between media forms, persona

Knowledge areas

Media and Communication

New Media

Cultural Studies

Online culture

Persona Studies

Celebrity culture

Student supervision

Youth and the communication of Risk: Developing Connections between Cancer Council Australia and Contemporary Online Youth Culture, with Chris Moore, Ross Monaghan, Nina Weerakoddy, For Cancer Council Australia, November 2012, 46 p.
Australian Consolidated Press (ACP) - Commissioned Research project entitled Women’s Magazines, Celebrity and Gossip with other Centre Members (Bonner, Turner, McKay. Team Leader: David Marshall) 1999.

Conferences and seminars


“Intercommunication and persona: the intercommunicative public self” 9th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities, 11- 14 June, Vancouver, UBC.
Prezi available at:

“Persona as method: exploring celebrity and the public self through persona studies’ approaches”, 2nd Biennial International Celebrity Studies Conference, 19-21 June, Royal  Holloway University of London. Prezi available at:

“Public Image Limited: Endorsements and the constructed public persona of the perfume industry”, 2nd  Biennial International Celebrity Studies Conference, 19-21 June, Royal  Holloway University of London. Prezi available at:

“Reel/Real Politics and Popular Culture” (with Sally Totman) 2nd  Biennial International Celebrity Studies Conference, 19-21 June, Royal  Holloway University of London.

“When the Private becomes Public: Commodity Activism, endorsement and making meaning in a privatized world”, Contemporary Publics International Symposium, 24- 25 February 2014, Deakin University. Prezi available at:

“Constructing the Intimate Public: Public Persona and the bifurcation of representation and presentation in contemporary political campaigns” Contemporary Publics International Symposium, 24 - 25 February 2014, Deakin University.
Prezi available at:

2012 The Spectrum and the Spectre of the Public Self:Persona Studies, Keynote Address, Celebrity Now - Celebrity Studies Inaugural Biennial International Conference, Deakin University, Burwood (Melbourne), 14 December, 2012.

Operationalising Persona: the Academic public identity. with Kim Barbour and Chris Moore, Celebrity Studies Inaugural Biennial International Conference, Deakin University, Burwood (Melbourne), 13 December, 2012

Political Scandal, leadership and filmic representation: translating the public persona. with Sally Totman, Celebrity Studies Inaugural Biennial International Conference, Deakin University, Burwood (Melbourne), 14 December, 2012.

The Era of Persona: Presentations and Representations of the public self, Public Lecture, University of Otago, Dunedin New Zealand, 22 June, 2012. 

Celebrity and the Public persona: the language of cultural exchange and the movement from the private to the public and vice versa. Guest Lecture in Media and Globalisation, Deakin University 28 August 2012.

Academic Identity and the Personal Learning Environment (PLE), presented at the International Workshop on PLE, City Campus, Deakin University, 12 July, 2012 Is Shane Warne all about Spin? public community lecture, Deakin Summer Series, Warrnambool, Victoria, 3 January, 2012 2011

From Celebrity to Persona: understanding the emerging public self, Public Seminar, Tel Aviv University, July 5, 2011

The Intercommunication Challenge, paper presented at the International Communication Association, Boston, May 26-30, 2011 ( Refereed on ICA Conference website for members)

With Kim Barbour Persona and the Academy: Making decisions, distinctions and profiles in the era of presentational media" presented at the World Congress on Communication and the Arts, Sao Paulo, Brasil, April 2011 (refereed in Conference Proceedings)

Intercommunicating. Public Lecture, Monash University, March 28, 2011 (variation to be part of monograph on intercommunication)

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Persona Studies


Research projects

The focus of my current research is on Persona Studies, where the public presentation of the self in both professional and leisure activities has become normalised in contemporary culture via social media in particular.  This work has led to research related to the academic persona and reputation, the artistic persona, the sports persona, the gamer persona, the political persona, and the institutional persona and is designed to explore  these and other areas over the next five years. It is closely related to my past and current work on celebrity and contemporary culture and how celebrity culture structures power and influence, reputation and prestige.

The development of the public self and my research on persona emerges from  what I call "presentational media" and the related shift  in cultural value from representational media forms such as film and television. Presentational media identifies how the individual is now further engaged in the production, exhibition and communication of media and the decline in the power of representational media to embody the culture and the polity. The focus of my research into the expansion of presentational media is related to  "intercommunication" - that is, the regular transposition of mediated forms into patterns of interpersonal communication. Intercommunication is a term that best describes the new blending of media and interpersonal forms of communication.

Research interests

My research interests have focused on two areas: the public personality (which includes studies of celebrities, stars, public leaders and moments of fame and infamy); and the study of new media and the various forms of communication that have become elemental to contemporary life through new media. My recent work is connecting these two areas  and developing "persona studies", where the presentation of public versions of the self has become generalized through online culture. This research studies reputation and the predominant  recognition culture that pervades our uses of social media. Connected to this work is the development of new concepts to describe this changed contemporary world. These include concepts such as Intercommunication, representational media, presentational media, and micro-publics. Persona studies is an exploration across professions, activities and practices of how individuals now present themselves publicly and build reputations and value in the newly unstable world of work and leisure. 

Here are some of  my forthcoming books that relate to this research:

Promotional Vistas - co-authored with Joanne Moreale (Palgrave MacMillan for 2015) - through a series of case studies, the book explores the history of advertising and its consequences.

The Wiley Companion to Celebrity Studiesco-edited with Sean Redmond (Wiley Blackwell, for 2015)  The definitive volume related to new research and thinking related to the study of celebrity 26 chapters by leading scholars in the field.

Persona Studies: Celebrity, Identity and the Transformation of the Public Sphere (Wiley for 2015)  – a co-authored volume wit Kim Barbour and Chris Moore linking the various strands of the study of the public persona – in production with Wiley for 2015

Research grants


Tracking Infrastructure for Social Media Analysis, ARC LIEF Grant, $280,000 with 3 other partner universities  2014-2016

Online, youth and communicating risk  2011-2012 Cancer Council Australia
Self, Place and Broadband Connectivity: Making and making Do” 2008-09
Representational/Presentational media: developing a conceptual framework to analyse a major cultural transformation in media and media use 2007-2008
2004-2005Transnational and globalization of culture
“Pay Television and Genre: A study of the Shifting Production and Programming strategies in Australian Pay television.”
“An Evaluation of the Implementation of Online Services Regulation in Australia”
“The Media Production of the Australian Celebrity”
“The Internet as Converged Media Form”


Persona in Action 2011-2012

Affect and the Academy 2011
Texting the future: From affect to Effect - Imagining/Expressing the Self: Persona Studies 2010

Social Contract/Social Contact: NBN and regionality 2010 -2011
2002-03 Web based Pedagogy in First Year Communication Studies Courses

Research groups

Persona, Celebrity, Publics (PCP) Research Group

Research page



Recent publications:

Celebrity and Power: Fame in Contemporary Culture 2nd Edition With New Introduction (University of Minnesota Press, 2014)

Marshall, PD. "Seriality and Persona." M/C Journal 17.3 (Jun. 2014). 27 Aug. 2014 <>.

Barbour, Kim, P. David Marshall, and Christopher Moore. "Persona to Persona Studies."M/C Journal 17.3 (Jun. 2014). 27 Aug. 2014 <>.

Marshall, PD. (2014) “Persona Studies:  mapping the proliferation of the public self” Journalism, February, Vol:15:2 DOI: 10.1177/1464884913488720 Available at, pp. 153-170 11 citations as of September 2014

Marshall, PD. (2013) “Personifying agency: the public/persona/place/issue continuum” Celebrity Studies. 4 (3), 369-71, , DOI: 10.1080/19392397.2013.831629  online at:

Barbour, K and Marshall, D. (2012)“The Academic Online: Constructing Persona through the World Wide Web. First Monday. 17:9, 3 September, available at:
“Newly Mediated Media: Understanding the changing Internet landscape of the media industries”, in Charles Ess and Mia Consalvo (eds.) The Blackwell Handbook of Internet Studies. (Boston: Blackwell, 2011)
"The Specular Economy: Celebrity, two-way mirrors and the personalization of renown", Society. Vol. 50, November, 2010
Marshall, P.D., Walker, R., Russo, N. "Mediating the Olympics", Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies. July 2010
"The promotion and presentation of the self: celebrity as marker of presentational media", Celebrity Studies. Vol.1: 1, March 2010, pp. 35-48
Carey M. Noland,  P. David Marshall, Greg G. Goodale and Hans P. Schlecht "An Exploration of the Impact of Celebrity on the HIV/AIDS Pandemic"  Journal of Health & Mass Communication. Vol. 1:3/4,  Summer/Fall, 2009, pp. 194-210
‘Screens: Television’s dispersed “broadcast”’, ch. 4 in Graeme Turner and Jinna Tay(eds.) Television after Television. (Routledge, 2009) pp. 41-50
“New Media as Transformed Media Industry”  ch. 6 in Holt, J. and Perren, A. (eds.) Media Industries: History, Theory, and Method (Blackwell, 2009) pp. 81-89

Forthcoming articles and book chapters

“Person and Persona” in Klaus Bruhn Jensen (ed.) International Encyclopedia of Communication Theory and Philosophy. Boston: Wiley Blackwell  (in press)

“Celebrity and Persona” . Oxford Bibliographies in Communication. Oxford University Press, ( in press)

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