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Dr Stuart Smith

Position: Senior Lecturer
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Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 925 17260 +61 3 925 17260



  • Doctor of Philosophy, 1982


Member Australian Institute Food Science & Technology,Member Australian Society of Microbiology


Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (Professional)

Institute of Food Technologists (Professional)


Teaching Interests

Unit Chair of core and food majors stream units HSN 209 Food Security and Safety, HSN204

Food Microbiology and HACCP and HSN311 Food Science and Nutrition Practicum and

lectures into several other undergraduate and postgraduate units.

Food Science stream coordinator

Supervision 4 PhD student, 1 Masters student and 2 honours student

Conferences and seminars

Sheena,S., Tang, M., Oppedisano, F., Dewar, M.,Smith, S.C. Changes of the gut microbiota in peanut allergic infants treated with the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG and oral immunotherapy. Exploring Human Host-Microbiome Interactions in Health and Disease, Wellcome Trust Scientific Conference, Cambridge, UK, 8-10 May 2012. (Invited speaker) Dewar, M.L., Arnould, J.P.Y., Trathan, P., Smith, S. C.(2011). Microbial Ecology of Penguins in Extreme Polar Regions. CAREX Life in Extreme Environments. 18-20th October 2011. Dewar,M.L., Arnould, J., Dann, P., Trathan, P., Groscolas, R., Smith, S.C. Exploring the gastrointestinal microbiota of king and little penguins using high throughput sequencing. (2010) 7th Annual Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Higher Degrees by Research Student Symposium, Deakin University Melbourne Australia. (Awarded best presentation) Dewar, M.L, Arnould, J.P.Y., Trathan, P., Groscolas, R., Smith, S.C. (2010). The gastrointestinal microbiota of King Penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus) and the Influence of geographical separation. 7th International Penguin Conference Abstracts. Boston, Massachusetts. 30 August 3rd September 2010. Dewar, M., Arnould., J.P.Y., Dann, P., Groscolas, R., Trathan, P., Smith, S. (2010). Changes in the gastrointestinal microbiota during fasting in penguins. 1st World Seabird Conference 7th-10th September 2010. Victoria British Columbia Canada. Dewar, M., Arnould, J.P.Y.,Trathan, P.,Groscolas, R, Smith, S. (2010). The Gastrointestinal microbiota of King Penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus) and the influence of geographical separation. 7th International Penguin Conference. 30th August - 3rd September 2010. Boston Massachusetts. Be, K., Gamlath, S. and Smith, S. 2009, In vitro antimicrobial effect of spice extracts on probiotic bacteria, Asia Pac J Clin Nutr 2009;18 (Suppl 3) October 2008 for Nutrition Society of Australia, National Conference November 2009. Porzoor, A, Quail, K, Smith, S. Establishment of in vitro batch fermentation system using inulin substrate. Asia Pac J Clin Nutr 2008;18 (Suppl 3) October 2008 for Nutrition Society of Australia National Conference November 2008.


Awards and prizes

ANZ Trustees Foundation- Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment $6,500 2009-2010

ANZ Trustees Foundation- Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment $6,500 2010-2011

Patent: Tellam RL, Sando L, Gray C, Kongsuwan K, Pearson R, Parker P, Smith S (2006) Active agents and methods. PCT (submitted). Application No. AU-2006905488. Name of Applicant: Innovative Dairy Products Pty Ltd. Filing date: 4/10/06 Patent Co-inventorship.


Research projects

Dr Smith is involved in University, Faculty and School committees:

Deakin University Biosafety Committee 2001-onwards

Deputy Chair SENS Academic Progress committee

Faculty of Health member University Appeals Committee

Faculty Board 2008-2010

Dr Smith is also involved with external professional associations:-

Secretary of the Victorian branch of Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST)

Committee member of Food Microbiology sub-committee of the AIFST

Manuscript reviewer for Journal of Food Science, FEMS Microbial Ecology, Journal of Dairy

Science and International Journal of Biology.

VCAA Set-Vetter for VCE Food and Technology

Research interests

Dr Smiths research interests focus on the role of gut microbiota in health and nutrition and the role of dietary modulation by functional food components, such as prebiotics and probiotics, and food biotransformation in healthy individuals and also in chronic gut diseases Dr Smith has been actively involved in human studies demonstrating lupin dietary fibre as a commercial prebiotic, changes in gut microbiota linked to autoimmune diseases in children including allergy and atopic eczema, and changes in phenolic levels in the gut due to microbiota. He has also actively studied differences in gut microbiota in sea birds examining influences of habitual diet, development and geographical location.

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