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Dr David Fan

Position: Senior Lecturer
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 924 46985 +61 3 924 46985



Ph.D (Monash); CPA; GCHE (Monash); M.Comm, M.C.L., Grad.Dip. (Deakin); B.E. & B.M. (NUC).

Biography summary

Dr David Fan is a Senior Lecturer in strategy and process management in the Department of Management at Deakin University. His research interests are: multinationals from emerging economies, international strategic management, international human resource management, and also topics related to Chinese management. 
Prior to his migration to Australia, David worked as a financial accountant in an international real estate group. David completed his PhD in International Management at Monash University (Clayton Campus) in 2010, including one year full time doctoral level methodology training at the Australian National University in 2006. Before he joined the Faculty in 2013, he held ongoing lecturer positions at both Victoria University (2011-2013) and Monash University (2010-2011).


Awards and prizes

• 2012. Victoria University Faculty Staff Award; Victoria University, Australia
• 2011. Teaching Excellence Award (TEA), Monash University, Australia;
• 2010. Postgraduate Publication Award (PPA), Monash University, Australia;


Research interests

  • International Business & Strategic Management;
  • 'Human Environement' in International Business.

Research Focus: International Business Strategy, MNEs from Developing Economies, and Configurational Theory. David is interested in recruiting PhD candidates who are interested in researching on 1) Chinese management, 2) Foreign Direct Investment and MNEs from Emerging Economies, and 3) Configurational theory vs. Contingency theory.



Selected Refereed Journal Articles

  • Fan, D., Cui, L., Li, Y. & Zhu, C.J. In Press. Localized Learning by Emerging Multinational Enterprises in Developed Host Countries: A Fuzzy-Set Analysis of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Australia. International Business Review. Accepted on [08-Jan-2015].  ABDC Ranking: A; JIF: 1.489.
  • Zheng, C., Kashi, K.H.A., Fan, D., Molineux, J., & Ee, M.S. In press. Impact of individual coping strategies and organisational work-life balance programs on Australian employee wellbeing”. International Journal of Human Resource Management. Accepted on [12-Feb-2015].  ABDC Ranking: A; JIF: 0.928. 
  • Zhang, M., Xia, J., Fan, D., & Zhu, C.J. In Press. Managing Student Diversity in Business Education: Incorporating Campus Diversity into the Curriculum to Foster Inclusion and Academic Success of International Students”. Academy of Management Learning and Education. Accepted on [26-Feb-2015]. ABDC Ranking: A*; JIF: 2.121.
  • Fan, D., Cui, L., Zhang, M., Zhu, C.J, Hartel, C. & Nyland, C. 2014.  Influence of high performance work systems on employee subjective well-being and job burnout. International Journal of Human Resource Management. 25(7): 931-950. ABDC Ranking: A; JIF: 0.928.
  • Zhang, M., Fan, D., & Zhu, C.J. 2014. High Performance Work Systems, Corporate Social Performance and Employee Outcomes: Exploring the Missing Links. Journal of Business Ethics. 120(3): 423-435. ABDC Ranking: A/ FT45; JIF: 1.552.
  • Wang, D., Feng, T., Freeman, S., Fan, D. & Zhu, C.J. 2014. Unpacking the ‘Skill – Cross-Cultural Competence’ Mechanisms: Empirical Evidence from Chinese Expatriate Managers. International Business Review,  23(3): 530-541. ABDC Ranking: A. JIF: 1.489.
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  • Fan, D., Zhang, M. & Zhu, C. J. 2013. International Human Resource Management Strategies of Chinese Multinationals Operating Abroad. Asia-Pacific Business Review, 19(4): 526-541. ABDC Ranking: B; JIF: 0.583.
  • Cui, L., Fan, D, Fu, G. & Zhu, C.J. 2013. An Integrative Model of Organizational Safety Behaviour. Journal of Safety Research, 45: 37-46. ABDC 2013: Tier A/Scimago: Q1; JIF: 1.303.
  • Zhu, C.J., Cooper, B.K., Fan, D. & De Cieri, H. 2013. HR practices from the perspective of managers and employees in MNEs in China: Gaps and implications. Journal of World Business, 48(2): 241-250. ABDC Ranking: A; JIF: 1.907.
  • Fan, D., Zhu, C.J. & Nyland, C. 2012. Factors Affecting Global Integration of Chinese Multinationals in Australia: A Qualitative Analysis,  International Business Review, 21(1): 13-26. ABDC Ranking: A; JIF: 1.489.
  • Zhu, C.J., Fan, D., Fu, G. & Clissold G. 2010. Occupational Safety in China: Safety Climate and its Influence on Safety-Related Behavior. China Information,  24(1): 27-59. ERA Ranking: B.
  • Fan, D., Nyland, C. & Zhu, C.J. 2008, Strategic Implication of Global Integration and Local Responsiveness for Chinese Multinationals: An Area for Future Study. Management Research News. 31(12): 922-940. ABDC Ranking: C.

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