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Mr James Coulson

Position: Senior Lecturer
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Faculty or Division: Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env
Department: School of Archit. & Built Env.
Campus: Geelong Waterfront Campus
Phone: +61 3 522 78318 +61 3 522 78318


Teaching Interests


Project Documentation

Construction Technology

Design Research


Research interests

1. Renewable materials in sustainable construction

Renewable materials do not deplete the earth's resources and contribute to a sustainable approach to construction. The density of use in practise is currently limited to well known materials such as timber. This range can be expanded with further research into the application of other renewable materials.

2. Implicit knowledge analysis in architectural communication

Architectural language is expressed as explicit information that summarises critical decisions It also efficiently incorporates implicit information that can be inferred by competent communicants as embedded professional knowledge that anticipates and relies on subsequent information as part of the total information flow required for a building’s life cycle from inception to destruction.

3. Relating project specific information and professional knowledge

A system study of selected phenomena of project specific information (PSI) revealed the purposes and critical elements of information and related them to elements of a professional knowledge base. The Project Specific Information model articulates distinct information integrities (intellectual, contextual, structural and spatial) that support the knowledge-based decision-making processes controlling information quality in architectural projects.

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Coulson, James (2002) Architectural information: a model of critical elements relating project specific information and knowledge, in Luther, Mark (eds), Modern practice of architectural science : from pedagogy to andragogy? : proceedings of the 36th conference of the Australian and New Zealand Architectural Science Association, Geelong, 1st to 4th November, 2002., pp. 85-92, Deakin University, Geelong, Vic.

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