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Dr Samer Hanoun

Position: Senior Research Fellow In Simulation And Scheduling
Faculty or Division: Inst Intelligent Sys Res & Inn
Department: Inst Intelligent Sys Res & Inn
Campus: Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus
Phone: +61 3 522 72928 +61 3 522 72928
Mobile: 0402 264 887 0402 264 887



Dr. Hanoun is a senior research fellow with the Centre for Intelligent Systems Research. He received his Bachelor degree (hons.) in 1996 and Master’s degree in 2000 in Computer Engineering from the Arab Academy for Science & Technology & Maritime Transport with a total GPA of 3.93/4.0 and 4.0/4.0. His graduation project was concerned with speaker speech recognition using neural networks and his Master’s thesis with machine translation of English to Arabic. During this period Dr. Hanoun worked as an assistant lecturer with the Computer Engineering department teaching computing algorithms, data structures and programming languages.

In 2009, Dr. Hanoun received his PhD from Deakin University working on scheduling of mobile data collectors in wireless sensor networks. He is involved with different ARC linkage and industry-based projects mainly on scheduling and optimisation. His main research interests are focused on approximation techniques and meta-heuristics for solving single and multi-objective optimisation problems.

Dr. Hanoun is now working on target coverage in camera networks for manufacturing work places as supported by the ARC linkage project with Boeing Research & Technology Australia and Holden (General Motors) Australia.


  • Bachelor of Computer Engineering, Arab Acad S&T & Maritime Trans, 1996
  • Master of Computer Engineering, Arab Acad S&T & Maritime Trans, 2005
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University, 2009

Career highlights

  • 2008 - Present: Research Fellow, Centre for Intelligent Systems Research, Deakin University
  • 2000 - 2006: Assistant Lecturer, Arab Academy for Science & Technology
  • 1996 - 2000: Teaching Assistant, Arab Academy for Science & Technology

Professional activities

  • Program Committee (PC) Member, Annual International Congress on Image and Signal Processing (CISP) / International Conference on BioMedical Engineering and Informatics
  • Referee member for IEEE Systems Journal


Knowledge areas

  • Job shop scheduling
  • Process optimisation
  • Multi-objective optimisation
  • Meta-heuristic techniques


Awards and prizes

  • 2006-2008, Deakin University, Post Graduate Researcher Scholarship
  • 1996-2000, Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Research Assistant in M.Eng Engineering Scholarship
  • 1991-1996, Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Honors in B.Eng Computer Engineering


Research projects

  • ARC Linkage Project (LP110200364) – Enabling Ambient Intelligence for Manufacturing Processes
  • ARC Linkage Project (LP0991175) – Distributed Real-time Multi-objective Scheduling for Joinery Manufacturing Processes

Research interests

Dr. Hanoun research interests are focused on job shop scheduling techniques, approximation algorithms and meta-heuristic methods for single objective and multi-objective optimisation.

During his PhD, he studied simulation of wireless sensor networks and the scheduling of mobile elements for handling the data collection operation in the network. He investigated real-time mobility models for the dynamic construction of the mobile elements collection routes without having prior knowledge about the sensor locations or their sampling rates.

He has recently been engaged in the identification and assessment of technical solutions capable of enhancing job shop scheduling in the joinery manufacturing domain. His research focused on defining models and heuristics to enable the production planner to take advantage of automated tools for manufacturing optimisation. Also, he has been investigating solutions for multi-criteria scheduling and their impact on the quality of the solutions generated.

Currently, he is working on optimisation techniques for target-based coverage enhancement of directional visual sensors (pan-tilt-zoom PTZ cameras) mainly with the objective of developing practical approximation techniques for the optimal camera placement problem for manufacturing workplaces.

Research grants

Nahavandi, S, Creighton, D., Gu, N., Hanoun, S., Adaptive scenario generation and performance evaluation for virtual training of helicopter pilots - ARC LP120100598, ARC Collaborative Linkage Projects.
2012: $70,000
2013: $70,000
2014: $70,000

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