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Dr Priya Rajagopalan

Position: Senior Lecturer
Campus: Geelong Waterfront Campus
Phone: +61 3 522 78391 +61 3 522 78391



  • Bachelor of Technology, 1995
  • Master of Science (Building Science), 2001
  • Doctor of Philosophy, 2005
  • Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, 2009

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Subjects and units currently teaching

Building material science, Building systems and environment, building environmental services, construction and structures

Knowledge areas

Energy and Indoor environmental performance

Thermal comfort, lighting, acoustics

Urban microclimate and urban heat island, green roofs

Student supervision

Current PhD Students:

Elmira Jamei:   Effect of Geometry and vegetation in Mitigating Urban Heat Island

Tarek Ahmed:   An assessment method for energy performance benchmarking in Day Procedure centres in Australia

Jonathan Duverge: Energy and water performance of aquatic centres in Australia

PhD completion:

Yuhainis Abdul Talib: An Integrated business solution towards managing of the operational, spatial flow and functional links of major public healthcare facilities in Australia.

Master by Research completion:

Tony Leung:  Daylight guiding system in an office building

Media appearances


Research projects

Benchmarking Energy and indoor Environmental Performance of Aquatic Centres, Energy Performance of Healthcare buildings,Impact of future growth scenarios on the urban microclimate of Melbourne

Research interests

building energy analysis, energy benchmarking,  passive design , daylighting, natural ventilation, urban microclimate and heat island

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Elmira Jamei, Yashar Jamei, Priyadarsini Rajagopalan Dilshan Remaz Ossen, , Sasan Rousehnas (2015), The Effect of Urban Development on the Micro Climate in the Historic City of Malacca, Sustainable Cities and Societies, 14, p.280-292.

Tarek Mohamed, Rajagopalan Priyadarsini, Robert Fuller (2015), A classification of Healthcare Facilities Towards the Development of Energy Benchmarks for Day Surgery Centres in Australia, Health Environment and Research journal , 1-19, DOI: 10.1177/1937586715575910 1-19.

Priyadarsini Rajagopalan and Elmira Jamei (2015), Thermal Comfort in Indoor Aquatic centres - Perspectives of Multiple User Groups Energy and Buildings, available online, DOI: 10.1016/j.enbuild.2015.07.037.

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Patrick Nelson and Priyadarsini Rajagopalan (2013), One-Size-Fits-All Housing: An Exploration of 6-Star Requirements in the Volume Builder Sector, 47th International ASA Conference, November 13–16, 2013.

Rajagopalan Priyadarsini and Tony Leung (2012), Progress on Building energy labelling techniques, Advances in Building Energy Research, Vol. 6, No. 1, 61–80.

Rajagopalan Priyadarsini and Krezel Adam (2010),  Sound Absorption characteristics of a precast panel system made from environmentally sustainable concrete, Building Acoustics, Volume 17, No 3, p.221-232.

Wu Xuchao , Rajagopalan Priyadarsini and Lee Siew Eang (2010),  Benchmarking energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in Singapore’s hotel industry, Energy Policy, vol.38, p. 4520-4527.

Rajagopalan Priyadarsini, Wu Xuchao, Lee Siew Eang (2009), A Study on Energy performance of hotel buildings in Singapore, Energy and Buildings, vol. 41,p. 1319–1324.

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