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Dr Simone Leao

Position: Lecturer in Urban Technologies
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Science Engineering & Built Environment
Department: School of Architecture and Built Environment
Campus: D4.142, Geelong Waterfront Campus
Phone: +61 3 52278394 +61 3 52278394



Dr Simone Leao is a lecturer in urban technologies in the School of Architecture and Built Environment at Deakin University.
She has a Bachelor of Science in engineering, a Master in urban and regional planning and a Doctorate in Geomatic Engineering. Throughout her career these three distinct fields have been interwoven having the city as the linking element. With work in South America, Europe, Africa and Oceania she has been exposed to diverse types of urban and environmental issues related to different socio-economic, cultural, political and geographical contexts.
Dr Leao’s main research interest is in better understanding the interdependencies between built and natural environments and society, especially through spatial analysis. With this goal she works on developing knowledge and methodologies to assist in the generation of new or regeneration of existing urban areas with awareness and consideration of the challenges faced by urban and environmental planning, such as climate change, high urbanisation, the need for environmental justice and participatory planning processes.


  • Bachelor of Engineering, 1994
  • Doctor of Philosophy, 2002


Subjects and units currently teaching

SRA760 - Urban Ecologies

SRR782 - Research Methods

SRR711 - Thesis

SRT257 - Building Environmental Studies 1

SRT757 - Building Systems and Environment

Knowledge areas

Environmental engineering, Geographical information systems (GIS), Urban health


Research projects

Current projects:

  • 2Loud? Impacts of traffic noise on health in growing urban regions.
  • TMI map: Evaluating the effect of climate change on soil moisture and impacts on housing damage.
  • Carbon Geography: CO2 emissions from communiting in regional Australia.



Selected recent publications:

  • Leao, S. (2014) Mapping potential risk for housing damage from ground movement due to climate change. International Journal of Environmental Science and Development, in press.
  • Leao, S. (2014) Mapping 100 years of Thornthwaite Moisture Index: Impact of climate change in Victoria, Australia. Geographical Research, in press.
  • Al Salmi, H, Leao, S, and Elkadi, H. (2013) Developing Abu Dhabi’s Solid Waste Sustainability Index. SB13: Advancing the Green Agenda/ Technology, Practice and Polices , 8-10 December 2013, Dubai, UAE.
  • Leao, S. (2013) Carbon geography: mapping CO2 emission from commuting in regional Australia. State of Australian Cities 2013 Conference, 25-29 November 2013, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
  • Leao, S. Krezel, A. and Ong, K-L. (2013) 2LOUD? Monitoring traffic noise with mobile phones. 6th Making Cities Liveable Conference, 17-19 June 2013, Melbourne, Vic, Australia.
  • Al Salmi, H, Elkadi, H and Leao, S (2013) Environmental assessment methods in Abu Dhabi. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, Vol 78: 1001-1009.
  • Leao, S and Osman-Schlegel, N-Y (2013) TMI for urban resilience: Measuring and mapping long-term climate change on soil moisture. 7th Australasian Housing Researchers’ Conference, 6-8 February 2013, Fremantle, WA, Australia.
  • Leao, S and Elkadi, H (2012) The use of public transport in coastal Australia: modes of travel to work and greenhouse emissions. Advanced Materials Research, Volumes 347-4353, Renewable and Sustainable Energy, pp. 4034-4044.
  • Leao, S, Peerson, A and Elkadi, H. (2012) Effects of exposure to traffic noise on health. 5th Healthy Cities: Working together to achieve liveable cities Conference, 6-8 June 2012, Geelong, Vic, Australia.
  • Leao, S.; Elkadi, H. and Xu, L. (2011) Mapping landscape features & values in coastal Australia. AASA 2011, International Conference of the Association of Architecture Schools of Australasia: Architecture @ the Edge, Geelong, Australia, 18-21
  • Xu, L, Elkadi, H and Leao, S (2011) Using peoplemap technique to elicit and broadcast sense of place, in Hyde, R.; Hayman, S. and Cabrera D. (eds), 45th Annual conference of the Australian and New Zealand Architectural Science Association, pp. 1-8, ANZAScA, Sydney, N.S.W.

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