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Prof Bronwyn Fox

Position: Professor
Faculty or Division: GTP Research
Department: Institute for Frontier Materials
Campus: nj1.109, Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus
Phone: +61 3 52271015 +61 3 52271015
Mobile: 0419 413 656 0419 413 656



  • Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne, 1993
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering), Australian National University, 2001

Career highlights

2011-Present: Associate Professor, Centre for Material and Fibre Innovation, Deakin University
2006 - 2010: Senior Lecturer, Centre for Material and Fibre Innovation, Deakin University
2002 - 2006: Lecturer, Engineering, Deakin University
2001 - 2002: Research Fellow, Engineering, Deakin University
2000 - 2001: Associate Lecturer, Engineering, The Australian National University


Member Institute of Materials Engineering Aust



Research interests

Associate Professor Bronwyn Fox leads the carbon fibre and composite research team in the Centre for Material and Fibre Innovation. Her research interests include carbon fibre manufacture, surface treatment of fibres, three dimensional preforms for complex composite components, out-of-autoclave cure of composites, structure-property relationships in polymers, nanocomposites and natural fibre composites.

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