Master of Professional Practice (Leadership)



The Master of Professional Practice (Leadership) is suitable for students who have progressed from the Graduate Certificate of Professional Practice (Leadership) or meet the additional entry requirements. In addition to completing the core units, successful students will complete ten professional practice credentials plus a research capstone unit, where students undertake a workplace-based research project on leadership.

Recognise the capabilities displayed by pivotal leaders, through integration of theoretical investigation and professional practice, within this specialist program. Learn to drive results while engaging others in the journey and transforming an organisation to deal with technology disruption, changing customer needs and turbulent external environments. The emphasis for this program is on developing relevant skills, contemporary knowledge, and real experience, to develop the business leaders of tomorrow.

Delivered wholly online, this program makes it ideal for busy professionals who want to study and immediately apply the knowledge and skills obtained through the unit, in their own workplace. The Professional Practice Credential Assessment complements this course, where students provide evidence of their knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience for assessment, to obtain a suite of credentials that recognise their professional expertise.


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2 to 2.5 years part-time


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Key information

Award granted

Master of Professional Practice (Leadership)


2017 course information

Estimated fee rate

$14,560 tuition fees plus $4,950 for Professional Practice Credentials
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Deakin code



Higher Degree Coursework (Masters and Doctorates)

Approval status

The course is approved by the University pursuant to the Higher Education Standards Framework.

Australian Quality Framework (AQF) recognition

The award conferred upon completion is recognised in the Australian Qualifications Framework at Level 9.

Entry requirements

Deakin University offers admission to postgraduate courses through a number of Admission categories.
In all categories of admission, selection is based primarily on academic merit as indicated by an applicant's previous academic record.
For more information on the Admission Criteria and Selection Policy visit The Guide.

Minimum entry requirements:

• A Bachelor degree in any discipline plus 3 years of related professional work experience*; OR

• the Graduate Certificate of Professional Practice (Leadership); OR

• Deakin Business and Law Masters Qualifying Program (MQP) + 5 years relevant work experience*, Or

• a Graduate Certificate of Professional Practice in a related area and 3 years relevant work experience*

*full-time (or equivalent part-time) managerial, leadership in innovative or entrepreneurial business or ventures or equivalent


Course learning outcomes


Graduate Learning Outcomes

Course Learning Outcomes
Discipline-specific knowledge and capabilities Demonstrate an advanced and integrated understanding of contemporary leadership theory and practices, creating new discipline knowledge through applied research methods
 Communication Demonstrate advanced communication skills through the use of tools, techniques and media to gather data, and engage and inspire others
 Digital literacy Discover, analyse, synthesise and disseminate complex information, data and ideas to stakeholders, strategic partners and professional colleagues using a range of digital technologies and channels 
 Critical thinking Systematically and critically analyse and test leadership styles, models and theories to optimise leadership impact within a specific cultural and operational context to drive strategy
 Problem solving Apply advanced problem solving skills to conceptualise, design, construct and advocate for recommended innovative solutions for complex leadership related issues
 Self management Advance personal development and capacity as a leader to proactively drive and take responsibility for strategic results
 Teamwork Work across a range of professions, functions, contexts or teams to optimise collaborative outcomes, to improve strategic outcomes
 Global citizenship Define and reinforce the vision and values that orient collective effort, socially responsibility and ethical decision making


Course Structure

The Master of Professional Practice (Leadership) requires the completion of 4 credit points of units and 10 Professional Practice credentials. For further information on credentials refer to the credentials tab below.




  • Leadership Practice with Impact MPL700
  • Leadership Challenges MPL701
  • Credentials

    Students must successfully complete ten Professional Practice credentials which include two core credentials (Communications and Teamwork) plus a minimum of two Leadership Specialist Knowledge credentials and six elective credentials (Note: two elective credentials can be replaced with the remaining Leadership Specialist Knowledge credentials).

    Successful attainment of Professional Practice credentials is based on evidence provided from professional practice, hence recognition through authentic learning experiences. All professional practice credentials are linked to the Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes and will be assessed within the context of the financial planning discipline. The credentials may be attempted separately or simultaneously and are assessed by an assessment panel that includes both academic and industry representatives. Please refer to the table below for the list of credentials.

    Master Credential Requirements
    Credentials Minimum Level*^ Currency*
    Core credentials
    CRCOM-A1 Communication 5 (Advanced) 5 years
    CRTWK-A1 Teamwork 5 (Advanced) 5 years
    Leadership Specialist Knowledge credentials    
    at least two from the following list:    
    CRLDP-A1 Lead and develop people 5 (Advanced) 5 years
    CREMO-A1 Empower others 5 (Advanced) 5 years
    CRADC-A1 Adapt and change 5 (Advanced) 5 years
    CRDSR-A1 Drive strategic results 5 (Advanced) 5 years
    Elective credentials    
    CRDIL-A1 Digital literacy 5 (Advanced) 5 years
    CRCRI-A1 Critical thinking 5 (Advanced) 5 years
    CRPSV-A1 Problem solving 5 (Advanced) 5 years
    CRSMA-A1 Self Management 5 (Advanced) 5 years
    CRGCZ-A1 Global citizenship 5 (Advanced) 5 years
    CRPRE-A1 Professional ethics 5 (Advanced) 5 years

    Applicants who have not satisfied the level requirement, or who have successfully achieved the credential but not within the required timeframe may be permitted to seek re-credentialing.

    ^ There are five levels and these are aligned with recognized "exit points" from the education sector, the AQF, work levels and industry frameworks.  Level 5 is aligned to the AQF Masters Level.

    Capstone unit

  • Research Project 1B MPP702 (2 credit points)
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    Course pathways

    The Graduate Certificate of Professional Practice is an alternative entry option for students wishing to attain a Master of Professional Practice but who have not completed a Bachelor Degree. Students entering through this pathway will be given credit for common units and credentials achieved at AQF level 9.

    Students who enrol in a Master Degree may transfer to the associated Graduate Certificate and graduate on completing the requirements for this course.

    Alternative exits

    Faculty contact information

    Faculty of Business and Law - student advisers
    Tel 03 9244 6555


    The typical time that a student would spend in learning and assessment activities is expected to be approximately 150 hours for each credit point completed via the university. Time taken to prepare evidence of credentials, will vary for each student based on individual professional practice experience.

    Fee information

    The ‘Estimated tuition fee’ is provided as a guide only based on a typical enrolment of students completing this course within the same year in which they started. The cost will vary depending on your study load, the length of your course and any approved Credit for Prior Learning you have.

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    The course includes a combination of tuition fees for four credit points of study and 10 Professional Practice Credentials. It is estimated Professional Practice Credentials is $4,950. 

    Professional Practice degrees are designed for those who wish to be credentialed for outcomes towards which they have already made significant progress through their extensive experience in a relevant professional field.

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