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Sport and Society


Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong), Cloud (online)


Historically, sport’s prominent role in society can be traced back at least to the ancient Olympic Games in Greece (dating from 776BCE). Today, sport enjoys ever-increasing popularity and influence as its global reach can be gauged from local participation at the grassroots level through to professional competitions on the international stage. Sport and Society is a multi-disciplinary minor that provides students with an opportunity to examine sport’s profound impact on society from cultural, social, educational, political, and economic perspectives. Sport’s role in society can be studied through filters such as: gender imbalances in media representation, corporate sponsorship, and government funding; ethnicity and class divides within wider society exemplified by sporting codes; educational policies in public and private schooling; elite sport as big business; and sport’s role in health.

Career outcomes

Sports-related career opportunities can be pursued in the public and private sector, including roles in sporting organisations, education, government agencies, and media.


Minor sequence only

MMS201Sport in Society

AST256Sport in History

AST205Sport, Bodies, Action!

EEH317Children in Sport: Issues and Controversies [Final year of offer 2019]

HSE309Behavioural Aspects of Sport and Exercise

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