Credit for Prior Learning

You can reduce your overall study time and tuition cost by getting your work and previous study experience recognised as Credit for Prior Learning (CPL).

CPL, also known as advanced standing or credit transfer, includes formal learning (accredited qualifications) and non-formal and informal learning (non-accredited learning or work experience).

Can I receive credit for previous qualifications or experience?

We'll consider all university, TAFE and private tertiary education provider qualifications from Australia and around the world for CPL. We also consider any other previous study, work experience and relevant life experience.

Postgraduate courses

CPL is particularly useful when applying for a postgraduate course. You may be able to gain credit for having achieved an undergraduate qualification, especially if it was in a related field. Use the calculator below to explore what you may be able to gain credit for.

  1. If your country isn't listed here, it means that we don't have any current information available for institutions/qualifications from that country. You may still receive credit for previous study, and we will review your study history at the point of admission. Please contact us directly to learn if you qualify.
  2. If your institution isn't displayed, it means that we don't have any current information available for that institution. You may still receive credit for previous study, and we will review your study history at the point of admission. Please contact us directly to learn if you qualify.
  3. Credit arrangements have been established for the following courses. If your course isn't displayed, please check your units below to find any specific matches.
  4. Check your previously completed units against our credit database. Please note that credit isn't granted for 'fail', 'pass conceded' or equivalent grades. To check, enter the unit code or unit name. You can enter as many units as you like by selecting 'add another unit'.

Types of credit

  • Specified credit for a specific Deakin unit (when previous studies are comparable to that of the Deakin unit).
  • Unspecified credit for an elective unit within a Deakin course (when no comparable Deakin unit exists and where course rules state that unspecified credit can be granted).

How is CPL assessed?

To receive credit towards a component of your course, you should be able to demonstrate that you have achieved learning outcomes equivalent to the learning outcomes of that component. Learning outcomes may include skills or knowledge, or the application of skills or knowledge.

Your application will be assessed if your qualifications were completed within the last 10 years. For older qualifications, only submit an application if you can demonstrate your continual involvement in the subject area.

Other factors to keep in mind

  • At least a third of your course needs to be completed at Deakin, or at least half for certificate courses.
  • Deakin will provide credit for overseas qualifications when they're benchmarked against relevant Australian qualifications.
  • International students must fulfill the requirements of their student visa, even if CPL is granted. Speak with an international student adviser to discuss how CPL may affect your visa.
  • Centrelink benefits may be affected if your study load becomes part time. Speak to a faculty course adviser about maintaining a full-time load.
  • Check with your relevant professional association to see if receiving CPL may affect your recognition (and note that credit may not be available for courses that require accreditation).
  • Note that even if you're eligible for CPL, you'll still need to meet the entry requirements for the course you're applying for.

Read Deakin's Credit for Prior Learning Policy for more information

International students

Filling out the CPL form is only necessary for domestic students.

International students can request a CPL assessment by indicating this on the international on-campus application for undergraduate and postgraduate study form. 

Learn more about on-campus applications for international students

How do I apply for credit for prior learning?

  1. Fill in the Deakin CPL form below.

  2. Submit your CPL application form at the same time as your course application.

    You'll also need to provide:

    • a certified copy of your academic transcript, with a key to results
    • details of course structure and credit point weightings from your previous institution’s handbook or website
    • a unit outline or syllabus including assessment requirements, credit point weighting of units and details of textbooks and references
    • for informal learning CPL, a written case that shows a high enough level of skill and knowledge for a 'Pass' grade in the relevant units of your course, or continued involvement in the subject area.
  3. If you're offered admission into a course at Deakin, your credit entitlement will be confirmed with your offer or as soon as possible afterwards.

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