HDR Scholarship - Muslim Immigrant Mobilization in the West

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A PhD scholarship is available to initiate and conduct research on the topic 'Muslim Immigrant Mobilization in the West'

Research topic

Muslim immigrants’ political participation in Western countries are receiving increased attention in recent years. Muslims mobilize around various types of organizations, associations and federations not only to defend their interests but also to promote certain political agenda items that are connected to their ethnic, religious or racial identities. Yet we know little about the factors that facilitate and shape Muslim immigrant mobilization. This mobilization takes place in various shapes, including participation in conventional political activities such as voting in national and local elections, but also unconventional means such as demonstrations, hunger strikes and political violence. While some mobilizations are cooperative with the state, yet others are contentious and may even involve radical tactics. Moreover, Muslim mobilization is not concerned solely by the immigrant politics that deal with demands of immigrants concerning the betterment of their living and working conditions in host countries. Transnational issues that are connected to sending country institutional contexts, as well as global political issues such as the conflict in Syria and Palestine can facilitate Muslim immigrant mobilization in the West.

Project aim

The PhD student will conduct research on Muslim immigrant organizations, state institutions and political structures. Empirically this research will focus on Australia, although comparative research will cover New Zealand, United Kingdom and the USA as well. In particular, s/he will focus on the role of home (sending) countries, in addition to the host (receiving) countries, in shaping the mobilization of Muslim immigrant organizations. Political and institutional contexts of both host and home countries will be examined. In addition, there will be a more in-depth focus on the experiences of Australian immigrant communities. While this research will be undertaken independently, this scholarship is part of a larger research agenda investigating the comparative experiences of Muslim immigrant organization in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Important dates

Applications close 5pm, Wednesday 31 October 2018.


This scholarship is available over 3 years.

  • Stipend of $27,082 per annum tax exempt (2018 rate)
  • Relocation allowance of $500-1500 (for single to family) for students moving from interstate or overseas
  • International students only: Tuition fee and overseas health coverage for the duration of 4 years

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible you must:

  • be a domestic or international candidate
  • meet Deakin's PhD entry requirements
  • be enrolling full time and hold an honours degree (first class) or an equivalent standard master's degree with a substantial research component.
  • Competency in Arabic or Turkish is required

Please refer to the research degree entry pathways page for further information.

Additional desirable criteria include:

  • Demonstrable potential to publish single-authored journal articles and also co-authored articles with the Chair during the PhD candidacy

How to apply

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