Student Services and Amenities Fee

Students contribute towards the quality of life at Deakin through their Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) and involvement in decisions about how these fees are used. Deakin has been able to invest substantially in things like student welfare, sport and social activities for all of our students.

About the SSAF

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) helps to pay for important services such as counselling, welfare service, sporting and recreational activities, as well as independent student representation structures.

The annual maximum fee that can be charged to students is prescribed by the Government and will vary according to your study load (enrolment) and mode of study. The fee is payable by all domestic students completing undergraduate and postgraduate campus based or Cloud Campus studies and if applicable, appears on the invoice. Students pay or if eligible, defer the fee to SA-HELP before the invoice due date.

How the SSAF will be used in 2017

Since the introduction of the SSAF, our campuses have become more vibrant. The range of services and activities available to every student has also increased and the number of students taking part in those activities has grown immensely.

We'll be building on that important work in 2017.

SSAF amounts

2018 SSAF for part-time and full-time students – Campus and Cloud

On campus* Full time (3 credit points or more) $145 $145 $0
On campus* Part time (1–2 credit points) $105 $105 $0
Cloud Campus**
$60 $60 $0

* The on campus rate will apply if you are undertaking one or more credit points in an on campus mode.

** All enrolled credit points must be Cloud based.

Paying your SSAF

The SSAF is charged per study period and appears on your invoice. You may be eligible to defer your SSAF payment through SA-HELP.

Deferring payment with SA-HELP

You can get an SA-HELP loan even if you don’t want to take out any other HELP loan.

You're eligible for SA-HELP if you:

  • are an Australian citizen or a permanent Australian humanitarian visa holder 
  • are enrolled in an eligible course of study with Deakin
  • meet the Australian Tax File Number (TFN) requirements.
  • complete the online SA-HELP form by the census date.

Do other universities charge a SSAF?

All Australian universities can charge students an annual fee to raise money for student services and facilities.

This fee can only be used for the student services that are included in the Commonwealth Government's list.

Find out more at the Department of Education and Training

2017 Approved SSAF allocation

The university has found that the vibrancy of our campuses, range of services and activities available to students and the number of students accessing services and participating in events and activities has grown exponentially since this fee was introduced.

In late 2016 the university invited students to provide feedback on how the fee revenue should be spent in 2017. Following this consultation, approved expenditure for specific programs, services and infrastructure for 2017 is listed below, with many of the services and programs to be delivered by DUSA.

Approved SSAF expenditure for specific programs, services and infrastructure showing recipients of funds and the approved allocation.

Advocacy DUSA $1,080,000
Sporting programs including competitions, clubs and University Games (including 100% subsidy for Uni Games and 50% subsidy for Southern Uni Games) DUSA $635,000
Leadership Sports Ambassadors DUSA $80,000
Social engagement including non-sporting clubs and societies, main orientation, events and volunteers DUSA $1,200,000
Orientation +4 DUSA $220,000
Multicultural Deakin DUSA $100,000
Student media DUSA $180,000
Student welfare – general and including Survival Centre DUSA $500,000
DUSA digital service delivery DUSA $150,000
Student legal advisory and referral service DUSA $310,000
Cloud student support initiativesDivision of Student Life$667,000
University sports, recreation management and development including Waurn Ponds Elite Sports Precinct Coordinator and Elite Athlete Grants Division of Student Life $320,000
International student employment program Careers and Employment $150,000
Social and cultural engagement programsDivision of Student Life$205,000
Respect. Now. Always. domestic and family violence campus harmony programsDivision of Student Life$150,000
eWellbeing ClinicDivision of Student Life$110,000
Student health, wellbeing and welfare – medical and mental health services Division of Student Life $465,000
Cultural engagement programs Division of Student Life $100,000
Disability Liaison Officer Equity and Diversity $120,000
Extended hours academic supportDivision of Student Life$60,000
Infrastructure relating to allowable uses University $1,424,000

Some students are exempt from paying the SSAF

Students undertaking residential units

Students undertaking residential units through the Deakin Business School aren't required to pay the SSAF.

Higher degree by research students

Higher degree by research students are not charged the SSAF.

International students

International students contribute towards services and amenities as a part of their tuition fees.

Cross-institutional students

If you're a cross-institutional student and have paid SSAF at your home institution, you don't have to pay SSAF at Deakin. Just make sure you're able to supply documentary evidence of payment.