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Learn one of the world's most strategically important languages and enjoy the opportunity to go on an exciting overseas language study tour. Study one of our English or international language courses and not only could you be learning a fun language but you'll gain insights into different cultures, all while developing your adaptability and communication skills. A course in this field has huge benefits, from giving you a unique edge in a competitive job market to setting you up to live and work in another culture.

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Travel the world and broaden your career prospects

We teach the world’s most influential languages - Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian and Spanish - as well as courses in English language and international languages. Not only that, but we offer overseas language study tours that are credited towards your degree. Gain insights into different cultures, all while seeing the world and boosting your career opportunities.

Enjoy real-world experience overseas

There's no way to learn a language more quickly than to speak it during your day-to-day - everyday. 

Our in-country language programs (which you get credit for) are available if you're studying Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian or Spanish as a major sequence.

Learn from the best

Our teaching staff are passionate professionals and recognised as some of the best in their field. 

For instance, Associate Professor Abdel-Hakeem Kasem is a multi-award winning teacher who lectures in Arabic language and culture studies and coordinates our Arabic in-country program.

Support for postgraduate research

We rank number one in Victoria and have achieved the highest level of overall student satisfaction amongst Victorian universities for six consecutive years. 

Our staff have many years of combined industry experience, and are leaders in their research fields.

My experiences studying abroad were without a doubt the highlight of my degree. It was so interesting seeing how different other countries are.

Lincoln James

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce and Diploma of Language - Chinese

Gain employment anywhere in the world

Deakin is ranked top three in Australia for graduate employability.* You can make a positive impact in Australia, or in some of the largest non-English speaking countries in the world. Our language courses open up opportunities from working with diplomats to translating services.

* Times Higher Education Global University Employability Ranking 2016

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