Family, society and health



Explore the issues facing families, covering topics like the link between healthy human development and healthy households, economic wellbeing and health, and the need for supportive environments. By studying family, society and health, you could gain employment in welfare or health promotion, or with organisations offering support services for families.

I have been fortunate to meet people with whom I've made connections in the industry and have received employment out of some of these relationships.

Bethany Griffiths

Bachelor of Health Sciences/Bachelor of Arts

A wide-reaching discipline

Family is at the heart of individual and community health. If you're passionate about making a difference at a grass-roots level, a course in family, society and health could be for you. This discipline complements many other areas in health, so you could end up working in the preventative health sphere or community and welfare.

Family, society and health courses

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Career opportunities

You can gain employment with the government (e.g. Department of Human Services, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare or Centrelink), welfare providers (e.g. Anglicare, Salvation Army or St Vincent de Paul), health services, accommodation services or in the area of health promotion.

Related roles include:

  • community worker
  • family counsellor
  • family nutritionist
  • health promotion practitioner
  • policy analyst
  • public health officer
  • public health researcher
  • welfare worker.

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