Humanities and social sciences


Choose a course in humanities and social sciences and one day you could be helping to make Australia a more fair, humane and innovative society. Pick from a range of diverse career opportunities from anthropology and foreign affairs to politics and international community development.

Learning key skills, transferable across a range of industries, you’ll develop an aptitude for communicating effectively, problem-solving, analysis, investigation, evidence-based decision making and critical thinking.

Courses within humanities and social sciences


Diploma of Arabic 
Diploma of Chinese 
Diploma of Indonesian 
Diploma of Spanish 
Associate Degree of Arts 
Bachelor of Arts 
Bachelor of Arts (Chinese)/Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce 
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws 
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science 
Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts (International Relations) 
Bachelor of Criminology 
Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Cyber Security 
Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Laws 
Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Psychological Science 
Bachelor of Forensic Science/Bachelor of Criminology 
Bachelor of Health Sciences/Bachelor of Arts 
Bachelor of International Studies (Global Scholar) 
Bachelor of International Studies 
Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Commerce 
Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International Studies
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) 



Gain the skills and know-how for a successful and rewarding career

Make your mark in the world today through a rich career doing what you love. Humanities and social sciences is all about studying people, languages and the world around us, meaning you have a chance to change lives, perspectives and build a better future.

Courses that lead to careers

 Our courses stay relevant and lead to excellent career outcomes, thanks to the key industry representatives who sit on our advisory boards. They offer direction on curriculums based on what’s affecting industry now and in the future.

Gain industry experience

A number of internships are available to humanities and social sciences students, providing work experience and networking opportunities before you graduate.

Learn from experts

Many of our teaching staff have extensive experience working in industry. They're active in the media and conduct important research, making a positive impact in Australia and around the world – and helping you learn from the very best.

I have travelled to 27 countries, across four continents and completed four international work placements in Argentina, India, Malawi and Kenya.

Shani Cain

Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Commerce

Our courses are world class

Politics and international studies at Deakin are ranked in the top 10 per cent in the world, according to the prestigious QS World University Rankings (2016).

Study a language

We teach the world's most strategically important languages – Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian and Spanish. Learning a language gives you insight into different cultures, develops your adaptability and communication skills, and can make you more employable.

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