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Businesses and governments around the world are struggling to find professionals who can turn their massive and ever-growing data into insights and value. 

Deakin offers progressive courses in data analytics and data science to address this skills shortage within industry. Organisations need creative thinking to unlock new and better ways of doing things with data.

About data analytics and data science

What is data analytics?

Data analytics is the skill of analysing and interpreting data within organisations and governments to better inform their strategic decisions to drive innovation and increase productivity.

For example, our researchers have created a health analytics program that uses data to help doctors ascertain suicide risk, the risk of preterm birth, and the risk of toxicity in cancer treatment.

What is data science?

Data science is the process of examining and analysing massive amounts and different types of raw data with a scientific-led focus. By doing so, we can determine strategic conclusions that inform better organisational decision-making or simply verify or disprove existing models or theories, with an ultimate aim of driving innovation and increasing productivity.

We embrace advances in technology and encourage our students to get out of their comfort zone, and motivate them to achieve high standards in their studies.

Vicky Mak

Senior Lecturer, School of Information Technology

Harness the power of analytics

Massive amounts of data and information is collected every second via the internet, social media, sensors and networks all over the world. Analytics graduates are taught the required skills to take this data and extract the relevant information and turn it into something meaningful and persuasive.

Data now drives the world

Data is becoming paramount as organisations use it to inform long term strategies and make day-to-day business decisions. Data analysts and specialists are in high demand as businesses and governments attempt to make sense of the huge pools of data available to them.

Grow your earning potential

Do you have a curious, inventive mind that sees what’s ‘invisible’ when it comes to problem-solving and data? Earn great money while being inspired by a rewarding career in analytics.

Data analytics courses

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Research with us

Flesh out your own theories and ideas at a highly conceptual level. Research in this area can bring real value and practical benefits to your place of employment – not just academia. Research anything from examining big data through to data science and manipulation.

Recent Deakin research

The Centre for Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics (PRaDA) focuses on the discovery of patterns in large-scale data and works within project areas as diverse as surveillance, social media and pervasive health while remaining grounded in real-world problems.

 Research by the centre drives both the start-up iCetana, an innovative anomaly detection software, as well as TOBY PlayPad, a uniquely adaptive early intervention program for children with autism.

Find about more about PRaDA

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Industry connections

Industry-informed teaching

Deakin’s teaching and research staff are experts in their fields, with broad international links and connections with industry. Our courses are designed to take into account the needs of industry to ensure that what we teach is up-to-date and reflects what organisations need. You'll also have the opportunity to learn from professionals in the field through industry guest lecturers, and can contribute to research and development projects.

Industry-based learning

Industry placements provide you with an opportunity to immerse yourself in a professional workplace, developing your practical and job-ready skills that employers will regard highly. Developing these professional networks while you study opens up a world of possibilities.


Our Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Information Technology and Master of Information Technology courses are professionally accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS), which means your degree is recognised by industry and may lead to better job opportunities when you graduate.

Career opportunities

Skilled data analytics professionals are crucial to all industries and organisations are struggling to find people who can turn their data into insights and value, which in turn has created a high demand across the globe for data analysts.

As a graduate, you'll have the skills to be an industry-ready professional with core data analytics, commercial and personal skills which can be applied to a diverse range of business and technology-focused problems. This is highly valued by employers seeking greater efficiencies and competitive advantage through data insights.

Typical roles can be found across business and scientific fields, as well as within governments, and include:

  • data scientist
  • data analyst
  • analytics programmer
  • analytics manager
  • business analyst
  • management analyst
  • business strategist
  • market research analyst
  • business intelligence specialist
  • data analysis specialist
  • analytics consultant
  • data strategist
  • computer system analyst
  • data analyst
  • data scientist
  • information analyst
  • information manager/information officer
  • management analyst
  • market analyst
  • project manager
  • predictive modeller
  • systems designer.

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