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Combine creative talent with technical programming skills to design innovative and engaging gaming software and applications across multiple platforms. Learn to build software, games and apps for iOS, Android and the web. These skills will place you at the forefront of the dynamic and fast-growing fields of games and application development where talented developers are in high demand.

One of my units required each of the students to create an artificial intelligence to battle against each other. This was an assessment like no other...

Justin Fenech

Games Design and Development student, Product Support Expert at Electronic Arts

More than just gaming

Games development is a fast-growing field that needs skilled developers who can create complex software products, from small interactive games and apps to larger PC- and console-based systems and massive multiplayer systems. There are also opportunities in other industries where gaming is incorporated, such as education.

There's an app for that...

All devices are programmable and provide a growing market for apps to be developed and integrated into our everyday lives. This rapidly growing field needs talented app developers who can design, create and publish apps across multiple platforms – be it phones, tablets, watches, cars or websites.

Industry experience in every IT course

All IT students can undertake an internship as part of their course. These internships allow you to apply your learning and gain industry experience that counts towards your degree. You'll also experience the work environment and develop valuable professional networks before you graduate.

Research with us

The School of Information Technology aims to benefit society by generating new fundamental knowledge, training tomorrow's technology leaders and advancing industry technologies to maintain a competitive edge. Our research develops your skills and, with our expert staff supervising you, you'll be on the right path to a successful career.

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Industry connections

Close industry partnerships

We recognise the importance of maintaining strong industry links and being closely aligned with the IT industry. IT representatives from leading corporate industries and the government sector guide our curriculum and teaching programs. This keeps our courses current and relevant to industry needs, which is key in a sector where change is constant.

Deakin also hosts guest speakers from key industry partners on a regular basis, keeping you up to date with industry trends, as well as providing important networking opportunities.


Most of our IT courses are accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS), ensuring a high quality of education and providing you with international recognition as an ICT industry professional, making you stand out to future employers.

Career opportunities

Games and application development is thriving and fast-paced field providing countless fun and serious applications in today's society. As a graduate, you’ll be qualified to work in a range of IT jobs, including roles such as:

  • game developer
  • app developer, designer or consultant
  • iOS or Android developer
  • mobile deployment officers
  • mobile applications programmer
  • mobile applications architect
  • component integrator
  • multimedia system designer
  • project manager
  • software developer or consultant.

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