Apply for re-admission

Your enrolment at Deakin University could be discontinued for a variety of reasons, e.g. non-payment of fees, withdrawal from studies or allowing your enrolment to lapse. But there’s no reason to stress – if your enrolment at Deakin University has been discontinued you can apply for re-admission.

How to apply for re-admission

Domestic student re-admission

There are two ways to apply to re-admit:

Please note that if you are readmitting to a course you are not eligible to defer.

International student re-admission

If you are an international student, please contact Deakin International to find out how to apply for re-admission.

Extra steps

You may need to complete some extra steps before you apply if you have outstanding fees, charges or were excluded from the University.

If you have outstanding fees 

If you have outstanding fees and charges, you will need to pay any outstanding fees and charges before you can be re-admitted. You can check the amount owing and pay your charges at the Cashier's Office.

If you have outstanding library obligations

If you have outstanding library obligations eg overdue books, fines, you should contact the library to resolve the issue.

Adding documents to your application

If you need to add documents to your application you may need to have them certified.

Learn more about preparing your application

How applications are assessed

All applicants for re-admission will be considered on the basis of their academic performance and the availability of the course and will compete for selection with the total applicant pool at the time.

If you have been excluded for academic reasons

If you have been excluded for academic reasons, you may need to complete a form or contact your faculty directly for more information.

Faculty of Arts and Education

Melbourne Burwood Campus
+61 3 9246 8100

Geelong campuses
+61 3 5227 1359

Warrnambool Campus
+61 3 5563 3489

Email the faculty

Faculty of Business and Law

+61 3 9244 6555
Email the faculty

Faculty of Health

+61 3 9251 7777
Email the faculty

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment

+61 3 9244 6699
Email the faculty

Computing requirements

At Deakin, we make extensive use of technology in our teaching. To study at Deakin you are required to have:

  • access to a device such as a desktop computer or laptop
  • connectivity to the internet
  • capability to use Deakin's online learning environments

Learn more about Deakin's computing requirements

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