At the Institute of Koorie Education, we’re committed to delivering accredited faculty degrees in a culturally inclusive way. Our community-based delivery approach integrates teaching and student support strategies with an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander focus. We offer undergraduate and postgraduate studies across the arts, education, health, law and Indigenous research, as well as a number of honours and research by higher degree pathways. Our courses are relevant, engaging and respond to identified professional community needs.

Postgraduate studies

Research and doctorate studies are also available. Please download the resources below or contact the Institute of Koorie Education directly for more information: 

Postgraduate enquiries
+61 3 5227 2538
1800 063 383

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How to apply

To study through the Institute of Koorie Education, you must:

  • complete an application form
  • forward an endorsed Proof of Aboriginality (signed by your local Aboriginal community organisation).

An interview will be arranged once the complete application has been submitted.

The information you supply on the application form is used to process your application and is stored securely at the Institute of Koorie Education. This information isn’t disclosed to a third party, except where the Institute of Koorie Education is under state and Commonwealth reporting requirements to adhere to current funding contracts.

Applications that aren’t completed or processed are destroyed.

Learn more about applying to study through the Institute of Koorie Education