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Australian Studies is a cross-disciplinary examination of Australia in its local and global contexts. In this study area students engage with Australia’s history and geography, along with the politics, culture and society that makes us who we are. Australian Studies develops in-depth knowledge of Australia, including its colonisation, land uses, migration patterns, popular culture, engagements with Asia, as well as its Indigenous pasts and present. Students also develop critical skills in communication, research and in analytical, critical and abstract thinking.

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Career outcomes

Career opportunities exist in the education sector, government agencies, cultural institutions, media organisations, the public service and the marketing and tourism industries.

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  • Visions of Australia: Time and Space From 1700 to 2010 AIA105 (Major study core)
  • AIA106 Sex, Race and Australia's People (Major study core) (No longer available for enrolment)

  • Indigenous Australians in the 20th Century AIA200 (Major study core)
  • Australia and the Two World Wars AIH238
  • Exploring Australia's Indigenous Pasts AIH288
  • Understanding Public Policy AIP230
  • Asylum Challenges in Australia and Asia AIP209
  • Australia's Asia: From Yellow Peril to Asian Century AIA300 (Major study core)
  • Australian Urban Geography: National and International Perspectives AIG300
  • Australia's Empire: Colonialism in Papua New Guinea AIH326
  • AIH337 Race, Science and Religion in Australia 1860s to 1920s (No longer available for enrolment)

    Major study - students must complete 4 core units AIA105, AIA106, AIA200 and AIA300.

    Note: Warrnambool enrolled students are able to complete this major sequence via campus mode by selecting the following elective units AIH238, AIP230, AIP247 and AIH326, in addition to the core units.

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