International trade



Acquire a sound understanding of the economic basis to trade and the institutions and market structures underlying global commerce. Gain the essential background in economics and, in particular, international trade, which business operators need to be successful participants in the global economy.   You will study the economic, political and cultural characteristics of the major trading regions, including North America, Western and Eastern Europe and the Middle East, but with a strong emphasis on Asian trade.

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Burwood (Melbourne), Cloud (Online)

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Career outcomes

Graduates can be found working in all aspects of international business, both in Australia and overseas, undertaking roles in trade promotion, government departments, banking and general business management.

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  • Competition and Industry MAE201
  • The Global Economy MAE203 #
  • International Trade MAE213 ~
  • Contemporary Issues in Trade and Development MAE308 +
  • National Economic Policy MAE312 ^
  • Macroeconomics of Open Economies MAE302
  • Economic Strategy for Business MAE214 *
  • International Banking and Finance MAE315
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    #This unit was previously coded MAE102

    ~ This unit was previously coded MAE303

    ^ This unit was previously coded MAE202

    * This unit was previously coded MAE314

    + This unit was previously coded MAE207

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