Robotics and cyber-physical computing



Robotics and cyber-physical systems have emerged as a major commercial technology sector, combining software and hardware to enable products from autonomous vehicles to fitness trackers and smart homes. Specialists in robotics and cyber-physical computing work alongside hardware engineers and generalist application developers, employing specific skills and knowledge to integrate and control diverse hardware devices; collect, communicate and analyse sensor data streams; and develop and employ novel algorithms that allow these systems to act in response to their environment. Common development practices in this field involve rapid prototyping and iterative refinement and demand new skill sets from computing professionals.

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Burwood (Melbourne), Cloud (online)

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  • Robotics Studio SIT122
  • Data Capture Technologies SIT123
  • Embedded Device Development SIT210 ^
  • Social and Pervasive Computing SIT213 ^
  • Robotics Application Development SIT310 #
  • System Design and Prototyping SIT312 #
  • ^ available from 2018

    # available from 2019

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