Scholarship payments

Once your enrolment at Deakin is confirmed, we’ll check your scholarship eligibility.

Unless it is otherwise stated in your Letter of Offer or terms and conditions, your scholarship will be paid after the relevant census date.

Payment types

Scholarship payments directly into your bank account

Some scholarships will make a payment directly to your nominated bank account. This will be four weeks after census date.

Student contribution/tuition fees

If your scholarship is for part or all of your student contributions/tuition fees, payment will be applied directly to your fee account within four weeks after census date.

Part-time students

If you are a part-time student, scholarships are generally taxable and may need to be declared as taxable income.

Tax may be withheld by the University if you are studying a part-time load.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has more information on whether or not your scholarship is taxable.

Visit the ATO website

Financial hardship eligibility

If your scholarship was offered on the grounds of financial hardship, we’ll need to re-confirm your circumstances before processing your payment.

Financial hardship can be confirmed by sending us one of the following:

  • a copy of your latest Centrelink Income Statement (Family Tax Benefit statements are not acceptable as this is based on estimated taxable income and not actual taxable income)
  • a statutory declaration stating that you’re independently supported. Your taxable income must be below the current HELP repayment threshold ($54,869)
  • a statutory declaration stating that you’re dependent and the name of those people who contribute to your support. The combined taxable income of all those who contribute to your support, including your own income must be below the current HELP repayment threshold ($54,869).

Find out more about statutory declarations 

Find out more about financial hardship eligibility requirements