ALJ302 - Digital News Production 1

Year: 2019 unit information
Credit point(s): 2
EFTSL value: 0.250
Unit chair:

Lucy Smy





Incompatible with:

ALJ330, ALJ331

Contact hours:

1 x 1 hour Class and 1 x 2 hour Seminar per week


This unit engages students in the day-to-day operations of a multi-location, multimedia news publication. In this context they will learn to deal with the practical, intellectual, professional, creative, social, ethical and legal issues of online and social media news and current affairs publishing, individually and in concert with their peers. Students will learn how to respond appropriately to real-world news events that require necessary problem-solving and critical-thinking and creative skills to be resolved. Students will reflect on the news gathering, writing and production skills needed as well as the ability to work effectively as a team.


A multimedia news portfolio suitable for online publication, equivalent to 6000 words, 70%

Reflection on the student’s participation in editorial and production functions associated with online news equivalent to 2000 words, 30%

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