Our team and publications

Our interdisciplinary team includes experts in public health, epidemiology, health program evaluation and health services research. The team's professional background includes public health, nursing, physiotherapy, science communications, education and training.

Our team

Unit Head

Professor Richard Osborne
Unit Head and Chair in Public Health


Professor of Public Health Policy
Professor James Hyde
Professor of Health Program Evaluation
Professor Gerald Elsworth
Senior Research Fellow
Roy Batterham
Research Fellow
Dr Sarity Dodson
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Alison Beauchamp
Associate Research Fellow
Melanie Hawkins
Associate Research Fellow
Crystal McPhee
Associate Research Fellow
Christina Cheng
Associate Research Fellow
Alexander Fulton
Associate Research Fellow
Dr Jonathan O'Hara


Adjunct Professor
Prof. Nancy Huang

PhD Students

Rhonda Garad
Anita Trezona
Rebecca Leigh Jessup
Meagan Blackburn
Melanie Hawkins

Administrative staff

Project Manager
Carol Wildey
Administrative Officer
Jennie In
Senior Program Manager
Dino Asproloupos
Kerrie Paulger