Who uses our work?

Our health and wellbeing work is used by a wide range of workplace and public health stakeholders. This includes policy makers, practitioners, employers, workers, trade unions and fellow researchers.

Creating healthy workplaces with VicHealth

We're working with the University of Melbourne, Victoria Police and Eastern Access Community Health to develop and test a range of tailored, needs-based approaches to stress prevention.

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Estimating the economic benefits of eliminating job strain as a risk factor for depression

The 'Estimating the economic benefits of eliminating job strain as a risk factor for depression' study found that job strain, where workers have little control over their job, can lead to depression amongst workers.

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Workplace stress in Victoria

As part of its Mental Health and Wellbeing Plan 2003–2006, VicHealth explored the links between work, stress and broader health outcomes to gauge the extent of the problem and identify ways of addressing it.

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Promoting positive mental health in the workplace: guidelines for organisations

SuperFriend commissioned the Work, Health and Wellbeing Team at Deakin University to develop guidelines containing actionable strategies that organisations, teams and individuals can use to promote positive mental health in and through the workplace.

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Work and suicide position statement

Our papers have been cited in this statement from Suicide Prevention Australia.

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