Bachelor of Creative Arts (Photography)

Course summary for current students

Year2018 course information
Award granted Bachelor of Creative Arts (Photography)
Duration3 years full-time or part-time equivalent
CRICOS course code077371C
Deakin course codeA352

Offered to continuing students only

Course sub-headings

Course overview

Photography is at the heart of contemporary visual culture. It is a medium of documentation and illusion, communication and artistic self-expression. Within the fine arts and commercial applications, media and social networks our lives have become so interconnected through photography that it is hard to imagine a world without it. More than any generation before we are also photographic makers - capturing and sharing the moments in our lives, promoting our ideas and expressing our points of view through images.

The photography programme at Deakin University is about creativity and reflective engagement with the medium, technical proficiency, self-expression and realising the career and academic aspirations of each student.

Our new Photography course is fresh and exciting with state of the art equipment and facilities that encompass the breadth of analog, chemical, digital, experimental and cross-media photographic practices in an engaging programme which reflects upon the theoretical, historical and the contemporary fine art and cultural dimensions of the medium.

Multi-disciplinary teaching staff/practitioners and technical support staff will guide and encourage you through a combination of lectures, practical workshops and demonstrations, class tutorials and critique sessions, gallery visits, solo and collaborative based projects. Guest speakers and professional practitioner presentations are a regular feature within the programme and students also undertake fieldwork and industry visits and exhibitions of their own works. Students also have the opportunity to enrich their studies with a variety of options for international study tours and work placement internships.

When you study Photography at Deakin you will also discover an exciting range of inter-disciplinary options and clear pathways to post-graduate research in an academy which nurtures creative practice, critical and conceptual thinking and the vocational skills required for fine arts and commercial career pathways aimed at maximising the student’s individual potential.  

Fees and charges

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Course rules

To qualify for the award of Bachelor of Creative Arts (Photography) a student must complete 24 credit points including:

  • 15 credit points of core units
  • 9 credit points of electives
  • no more than 10 credit points at level 1
  • no more than 8 credit points outside the Faculty of Arts and Education

Course structure

Core units

Level 1

ACC100Communication in Everyday Life

ACC101 Creativity and Dangerous Ideas (No longer available for enrolment)

ACI101Analogue Photography

ACI102Digital Photography

ACI103 Thinking Photography: History, Theory and Cultural Context (No longer available for enrolment)

Level 2

ACC200Freelancing in the Arts

ACI201Alternative Imaging

ACI202Digital Imaging 2: Advanced

ACI203Darkroom Practices

ACI204Contemporary Documentary and Narrative Photography

ACI205Photographic Lighting 1: Natural and Artificial Lighting

Level 3

ACI302Photographic Lighting 2: Studio Lighting

ACI303New Worlds: Intersections of Art and Science

ACI301Experimental Photography and Creative Practice

ACI304Folio and Professional Practice


Course map 

Other Course Information


Assessment within the award of Bachelor of Creative Arts varies from written assignments and/or examination to practical and technical exercises and performance. In some units assessment may also include class participation, online exercises, seminar exercises and tests.