Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts)

Course summary for current students

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Award granted Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts)
CampusOffered at Burwood (Melbourne), Waterfront (Geelong)
Duration3 years full-time or part-time equivalent
CRICOS course code060435J
Deakin course codeA359

Students enrolled at Geelong in this course will be required to undertake units of study at both the Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus and the Geelong Waterfront Campus.

Course sub-headings

Course overview

Deakin's Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) offers you a range of skills including systematic exposure to collaborative possibilities between various art forms, the experience of bringing art forms together in major projects, training in creative arts enterprise and management, and a grounding in the academic knowledge necessary to understand the arts and to create new forms of art.


Deakin's visual arts program will give you the opportunity to gain qualifications, skills and knowledge for professional practice in visual arts and visual communication design (graphic design). You will develop skills for a specialised industry vocation or a broader role in the fields of culture and the arts. The course combines cutting edge, contemporary theory with specialised studio practice incorporating digital technologies.


The program draws upon the expertise of its staff - who are active practitioners in their fields - and industry, through visiting special guest and casual academic staff.




This course has pathways from more than 20 Institutes of TAFE and universities in Melbourne and regional Victoria. Credit transfer and recognition is normally available from TAFE and university diplomas and advanced diplomas in arts, business, management, and humanities disciplines.  Students with graded advanced diplomas from TAFE or equivalent will be eligible for up to 12 credit points of electives.  Students with graded diplomas or equivalent from TAFE or equivalent will be eligible for up to 8 credit points of electives.  There is also a pathway from Deakin University's Associate Degree of Arts, Business and Sciences to this course with up to 16 credit points depending on units taken.

On completion of this course you may choose to apply for an Honours degree or postgraduate study. These studies normally provide professional qualifications directed to a particular career.  Students must have completed a major in the discipline or interdisciplinary area in which they wish to specialise in the honours course. Entry is based on a number of factors, including an average grade of Distinction or High Distinction in the Bachelor of Arts particularly in the discipline in which they want to study Honours and the availability of supervision.  Further honours information.

Transition to University study
The faculty offers two units ASC160 Introduction to University Study and ALW117 Writing for Professional Practice which are specifically designed to ease the transition into university study. New students are encouraged to enrol in one or both of these units in their first year.


Because a number of disciplinary studies are cumulative in knowledge, technical competencies and/or study and research skills there are prerequisites which direct students to take some units before others. Students must seek advice from a course adviser before enrolling in units for which they do not have prerequisite or recommended units.


Fees and charges

Unit fees can be viewed within individual unit descriptions. You can search for a unit using the Unit Search.


Please be aware:

  • Fees are calculated on a per unit basis
  • Fees charged will depend on the individual units chosen
  • Fees per unit/credit point may increase annually due to rises in the cost of course delivery and services

Course rules

To qualify for the award of Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) a student must complete 24 credit points including:

  • 12 credit points of core units
  • 12 credit points of electives
  • no more than 8 credit points taken outside the Faculty of Arts and Education
  • no more than 10 credit points at level 1

Course structure

Visual Arts Core units

Level 1

Trimester 1

ACV101Unit description is currently unavailable

ACT104Unit description is currently unavailable


Trimester 2

ACV102Unit description is currently unavailable

ACV113Unit description is currently unavailable


Level 2

Trimester 1

ACV203Unit description is currently unavailable

ACV205Unit description is currently unavailable


Trimester 2

ACV204Unit description is currently unavailable

ACV206Unit description is currently unavailable


Level 3

Trimester 1

ACV307Unit description is currently unavailable


Trimester 2

ACV308Unit description is currently unavailable

ACC316Unit description is currently unavailable (2 credit points)


In choosing electives, students are encouraged to consider taking a major sequence or individual units from the following Creative Arts major sequences listed in:




Film Studies


Visual Communication Design



The following units are also available as elective options:


Trimester 3

ACV300Unit description is currently unavailable


Trimester 1, Trimester 2 or Trimester 3

ACM337Unit description is currently unavailable

ALX321Unit description is currently unavailable

Geelong Waterfront Campus - Elective cognate creative arts sequences

The following units are strongly recommended to students as part of their electives.  Students may choose more than one cognate study area which must include units from at least 2 year levels (eg 1st and 2nd year OR 2nd and 3rd year).



ACM101Unit description is currently unavailable

ACM102Unit description is currently unavailable

ACM203Unit description is currently unavailable

ACM202Unit description is currently unavailable



Creative and Media Arts

ALC101Unit description is currently unavailable *

SRA143Unit description is currently unavailable (to be confirmed)

EEA211Unit description is currently unavailable

ACC301Unit description is currently unavailable **

ALC102Unit description is currently unavailable

EEA212Unit description is currently unavailable

* ALC101 also offered in trimester 3 - off campus only. 

** ACC301 is not offered 2013, re-offered 2014 subject to approval.

Other Course Information

Assessment within the award of Bachelor of Creative Arts varies from written assignments and/or examination to practical and technical exercises and performance. In some units assessment may also include class participation, online exercises, workshop exercises and tests.


Cross-institutional arrangements
Continuing Deakin students may apply to study units offered by another Australian tertiary institution and have them credited to their Deakin University degree. Further information is available from Arts Student Support.