Master of Politics and Policy

Course summary for current students

Year2018 course information
Award granted Master of Politics and Policy
Duration1.5 years full-time or part-time equivalent
Deakin course codeA716

Offered to continuing students only

Course sub-headings

Course overview

The Master of Politics and Policy emphasises a dual focus on politics and public policy and offers a wide range of core units and elective units to appeal to public sector, business, NGO and community sector managers and leaders, and those wishing to acquire new skills. Core units explore public policy analysis frameworks, the development and implementation of public policy under conditions of democratic governance, governance and accountability, skills building in evaluation, intergovernmental relations and accountability, and corporate social responsibility.

Alternative exits

Graduate Certificate of Politics and Policy (A516)

Course rules

To qualify for the award of Master of Politics and Policy, a student must successfully complete 12 credit points of study comprising:

  • 6 credit points of core units; and
  • 6 credit points of electives selected from the specified list of units listed below

The dissertation component (AIX702 and AIX703) provides a research pathway for students to apply for entry to PhD.

Course structure

Core units

AIP740Policy Lessons From Overseas

AIP746Challenges to Democratic Governance

AIP747Policy and Program Evaluation

AIP748Intergovernmental Relations

AIP777 Accountability and Corporate Social Responsibility (no longer available for enrolment)

AIP773Governance and Accountability



MPE781Economics for Managers

MPM703Business Strategy and Analysis

Community Development

ADS704Community Development Theory and Practice A

ADS705Community Development Theory and Practice B


ECM704 Introduction to Educational Leadership and Administration (no longer available for enrolment)

EXE737 Leading and Managing Learning Organisations (no longer avaiable for enrolment)

EXE738 Policy Studies in Global and Local Contexts (no longer available for enrolment)


MPK704Sustainable Environmental Marketing

SLE721Policy and Planning for Sustainable Development

SLE725Environmental Management Systems


HSH701Principles and Practice of Public Health

HSH702Contemporary Health Issues and Policies

HSN706Food Policy and Public Health

International Relations

AIR719 The United Nations and International Law (No longer available for enrolment)

AIR726Human Rights in World Politics

Research Units

AIX702Dissertation A

AIX703Dissertation B