Master of Information Technology/Master of Information Systems

Course summary for current students

Award granted Master of Information Technology / Master of Information Systems
Duration2 years full-time or part-time equivalent
CRICOS course code049695D
Deakin course codeD751

Note: Offered to continuing students only.

Continuing students should contact their course advisor for further information.

Further course structure information can be found in the handbook archive.

Course sub-headings

Course overview

The Master of Information Technology/Master of Information Systems is a combined degree which provides a balance of theoretical and practical skills in both modern information technology and recent development of information systems and eCommerce.  This course covers the technical and theoretical essentials of these two areas, giving you the opportunity to apply this knowledge in practice, helping you to become qualified professional in both information technology and information systems.

Units in the course may include assessment hurdle requirements.

Equipment requirements

Students must have access to a suitable computer and a network connection. Information about the hardware and software requirements may be obtained from the School of Information Technology's website, or by telephone 03 9244 6699.

Fees and charges

Fees and charges vary depending on your course, your fee category and the year you started. To find out about the fees and charges that apply to you, visit the Current students fees website.

Course rules

The course comprises a total of 16 credit points, which must include the following:

  • 8 credit points of core units;
  • 3 credit points of elective units of Information Systems;
  • one 4-credit point specialism from the Master of Information Technology;
  • 1 credit point of elective Information Technology units.


Information Technology specialisms

Refer to the details of each specialisation for availability.

Network Computing
Software Development
IT Security

IT Services

Course structure

Core units

MIS701Business Requirements Analysis

MIS731Information Security and Governance

MIS761Enterprise Information Management

MIS762Unit description is currently unavailable

MIS782Value of Information

SIT705Research Methods for IT

SIT764Project Analysis and Design

SIT782Project Delivery

IT Elective units
Select 1 credit point of Master of Information Technology course grouped units. Refer to the Master of Information Technology for details of unit offerings and specialisms.

Plus Information Systems units not previously studied amounting to 3 credit points:

MIS721Unit description is currently unavailable

MIS772Predictive Analytics

MIS781Business Intelligence

MIS712eBusiness Strategies

MIS713Supply Chain Management and Logistics

MIS771Descriptive Analytics and Visualisation

Details of specialisations

Information Systems specialism

Business Analysis* - unit set code SP-M72212

Complete 4 credit points of:

MSC712Unit description is currently unavailable

MSC754Unit description is currently unavailable

MPI700Unit description is currently unavailable

MPM701Business Process Management

* not available in 2013

Business Analytics - unit set code SP-M72213

MIS761Enterprise Information Management

MIS772Predictive Analytics

MIS781Business Intelligence

MSQ791Unit description is currently unavailable

eBusiness and Supply Chain Management - unit set code SP-M72202

MSC753Unit description is currently unavailable

Plus 3 credit points of units from:

MSC752Unit description is currently unavailable

MSC756Unit description is currently unavailable

MSC767Unit description is currently unavailable

MSC768Unit description is currently unavailable

MSC795Unit description is currently unavailable

MSQ791Unit description is currently unavailable

IS Project Management - unit set code SP-M72203

MSC756Unit description is currently unavailable

Plus 3 credit points of units from:

MPI700Unit description is currently unavailable

MSC753Unit description is currently unavailable

MSC754Unit description is currently unavailable

MSC755Unit description is currently unavailable

MSQ791Unit description is currently unavailable

IS Research Thesis - unit set code SP-M72205

MPP704Research Project 4 ~

~ 4 credit points

Information Technology specialism

Network Computing specialism - unit set code SP-S000021

Burwood (Melbourne)

Plan, install and manage both local area networks and wide area networks with a strong focus on network design, routing protocols and switching concepts. The specialism incorporates the CISCO CCNA curriculum which prepares students for the CCNA industry certification. There is a strong focus on application development for networked systems and supporting user mobility from both application and network perspectives.

SIT701Enterprise Network Construction

SIT702Enterprise Network Management

SIT706Cloud Computing Technologies

SIT735Communications Network Security

Software Development specialism - unit set code SP-S000023

Burwood (Melbourne), Cloud (online)

Gain theoretical and practical skills in current trends in the analysis, design and implementation of complex and large-scale software systems. Designed with input from industry leaders, there is a strong focus on the development of high quality software using methodologies, tools, techniques and management principles relevant to industry. There is emphasis on the development of web-based and distributed applications and the use and development of open source software.

SIT725Software Engineering

SIT707Software Quality and Testing

SIT780Enterprise Applications Development

SIT708Mobile Systems Development

IT Security specialism - unit set code SP-S000028

Burwood (Melbourne), Cloud (online)

Develop skills in securing data, communications and infrastructure as well as investigating, analysing and providing solutions to computer crime. Students gain an understanding of problem solving, communication and technical capabilities related to information technology Security and the legal, regulatory and ethical contexts in which these skills are used. The security units provide a solid foundation in areas including information security, internet and network security, access controls and firewalls. These units prepare students towards certification as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional on completion of the CISSP exam administered by The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2.

SIT703Advanced Digital Forensics

SIT704Advanced Topics in Digital Security

SIT735Communications Network Security

SIT763IT Security Management

IT Services specialism - unit set code SP-S000048

Burwood (Melbourne), Cloud (online)

Designed in partnership with IBM, to develop specialised information technology skills by providing up-to-date knowledge of recent developments in computing technology and practical IT consulting skills. Learn about cutting-edge work in computer science, operation research, business strategy, management sciences, social and cognitive sciences and the legal sciences to develop the skills needed in a services-led economy.

SIT737Service Oriented Architectures and Technologies

SIT775IT Services in Organisations

SIT794Services Management

SIT717Enterprise Business Intelligence