Bachelor of Arts

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Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong), Cloud (Online)


You can explore the nature of the modern world – the forces and great events of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as the ways historians continue to interpret them. Themes covered include war and peace; modernisation and social change; colonialism, nationalism and internationalism; gender in history; the Holocaust; and sport. Third-year students have the opportunity to undertake an internship and may apply for the US Congress Internship Program.

Career outcomes

You may find employment opportunities in the education sector, local government, media corporations, museums/heritage organisations, research consultancies and tourism organisations.


AIH107World History Between the Wars 1919 - 1939

AIH108The Cold War World: 1945-1991

AIH203Papua New Guinea: Exploring Village, Nation and the Kokoda Track

AIH205Sex and Gender in the British Empire

AIH238Australia and the Two World Wars

AIH256Sport in History

AIH263"History Written with Lightning": Film and the Past

AIH264The Holocaust

AIH266 Modern Asian History (No longer available for enrolment)

AIH267Conflict and Memory in Modern Asia

AIH288Exploring Australia's Indigenous Pasts

AIH320History Internship (Final year of offer 2017)

AIH337 Race, Science and Religion in Australia 1860s to 1920s (No longer available for enrolment)

AIH326Australia's Empire: Colonialism in Papua New Guinea

AIH389The French Revolution and the Struggle for Freedom

AIH399Making History

Major study - students must complete core units: AIH264 or AIH288 plus AIH399


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