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Journalism - unit set code MJ-A000014

This major sequence provides students with the skills and knowledge to become qualified journalists in the broadcast and print media. Initially, studies focus on the mass media and the extent to which journalists live up to the ethical standards set both by their profession and the expectations of the public. Comparative studies focus on the role of journalists and the news media in different political systems and cultures. Students will gain an understanding of the theoretical and practical elements of radio and television journalism, and the role radio plays as a communication medium. The laws of defamation and other legal constraints to which the profession of journalism is subject are examined in the final level. Students will also develop research techniques, practical skills and an understanding of the methods and techniques required for specialist writing. The writing component within the course is intensive, to bring students' work to a standard that can be published in a daily newspaper or mainstream magazine.

On successful completion of the Journalism major sequence, students should have the following skills:

  • an ability to write in academic style with adequate referencing;
  • an ability to identify, research, write and construct stories suitable for print, broadcast and online media
  • an ability to interview for print, broadcast and online media and select material for inclusion in stories
  • an ability to analyse the social role of journalism both nationally and internationally and identify the theoretical issues raised by news, current affairs and feature publications and programs
  • an ability to appreciate the role of the production process in any media product
  • an ability to work in teams and to develop presentation skills in a group setting.

Students must complete 8 credit points from the list below:


To complete the Journalism major sequence, students enrolled on campus at Warrnambool must select one off campus unit from ALJ301, ALJ318 or ALJ319

Level 1

Trimester 1

ALJ111Unit description is currently unavailable

Trimester 2
ALJ112Unit description is currently unavailable

Level 2

Trimester 1
ALJ216Unit description is currently unavailable


Trimester 1 and Trimester 3

ALR207Unit description is currently unavailable *

Trimester 2
ALJ217Unit description is currently unavailable

Level 3

Trimester 1
ALJ313Unit description is currently unavailable

ALJ318Unit description is currently unavailable

Trimester 2
ALJ301Unit description is currently unavailable

ALJ319Unit description is currently unavailable

Trimester 1 or trimester 2 or Trimester 3
ALJ321Unit description is currently unavailable **

ALJ322Unit description is currently unavailable **^

*ALR207 is only counted towards the Journalism major sequence for students enrolled on campus at Warrnambool.  

** ALJ321, ALJ322 - Internship units are normally undertaken in third level (or equivalent) and are subject to completion of specified prerequisite units and special application requirements. Interested students should contact Arts and Education Student Support and Enrolment Enquiries on their campus for further information.

^ALJ322 - this unit may only be taken by students who complete ALJ321 and is not counted towards the Journalism major.

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