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Dance - unit set code MJ-A000025 - Offered to continuing students only from 2013 except for D347 students and students enrolled in Bachelor of Creative Arts courses

Each unit within the Dance major sequence develops practical skills in contemporary technique and choreography and interrelates this learning with theoretical studies in dance history, analysis and aesthetics. There is an ongoing development of technique, craft, and theory over the three level levels, with class material becoming increasingly specialised and challenging as students progress. Skills in oral and written communication, personal and group management, reflection and decision-making are developed over the three level levels in tandem with the development of physical, compositional and research skills. This learning intensifies at level 3 with production and research project units which not only place students' work in a public and professional context, but also focus on the development of specialised skills in the associated technical, production, marketing and administration areas.

On successful completion of the dance major sequence, students should have the following discipline-specific skills:

  • an ability to demonstrate high-level contemporary dance technique
  • an ability to demonstrate well-developed independent choreographic practice
  • an ability to think and write analytically about dance and its values
  • an ability to manage artistic and technical aspects of dance promotion
  • an ability to learn and apply safe dance practices for maintenance of physical and personal wellbeing

Level 1

Trimester 1

ACD101Unit description is currently unavailable

Trimester 2
ACD102Unit description is currently unavailable

Levels 2 and 3

Trimester 1
ACD203Unit description is currently unavailable

ACD211Unit description is currently unavailable

ACD307Unit description is currently unavailable

Trimester 2
ACD204Unit description is currently unavailable

ACD206/ACD306Unit description is currently unavailable

ACD308Unit description is currently unavailable

Note: the following may also be taken in addition to the prescribed major sequence.

Trimester 1

ACD110Unit description is currently unavailable


Trimester 2

ACD105Unit description is currently unavailable

Trimester 1 or trimester 2 or trimester 3

ALX321Unit description is currently unavailable *

* ALX321 - Internship units are normally undertaken in third level (or equivalent) and are subject to completion of specified prerequisite units and special application requirements. Interested students should contact Arts and Education Student Support and Enrolment Enquiries on their campus for further information.

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