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History - unit set code MJ-A000023

Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong), Cloud (Online)

In History, students explore the historical precursors of the modern world: the forces and great events of especially the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and the ways historians have interpreted them. Among the themes given special attention are war and peace, modernisation and social change, colonialism, nationalism and internationalism, gender in history and the Holocaust. In focusing on such themes, students can choose a sequence from units which cover American, African-American, Asian, Australian and European histories. All units aim to stimulate and challenge students to come to understand past human behaviour and to acquire critical, analytical and research skills. Students should note that not all units are currently available at all campuses.

On successful completion of the History major sequence, students should have the following discipline-specific skills:

  • an ability to illustrate the range of opinion between historians on the subject and how and why historians' interpretations have differed
  • an ability to distinguish between different types of written material in terms of their function, authorship and intention
  • an ability to place a primary source document in its contemporary framework
  • an ability to initiate and conduct interviews and respect the interviewee as a source
  • an ability to be sensitive to the need for appreciation of cultural and gender differences
  • an ability to reflect on the ways in which we construct the past.

Level 1

At level one students must select the two units listed below

AIH107World History Between the Wars 1919 - 1939

AIH108The Cold War World: 1945-1991

Levels 2 and 3

Select 6 credit points, ensuring at least 2 credit points at level 2 and at least 2 credit points at level3 from the list below:

At level 2, all students must include AIH264 and/or AIH288.  At level three all students must take the unit AIH399.

Levels 2

AIH203 Papua New Guinea: Exploring Village, Nation and the Kokoda Track (No longer available for enrolment)

AIH205Sex and Gender in the British Empire

AIH238Australia and the Two World Wars

AST256Sport in History

AIH263 History Written with Lightning: Film and the Past (No longer available for enrolment)

AIH264The Holocaust (Optional core unit 1)

AIH266 Modern Asian History (No longer available for enrolment)

AIH267Conflict and Its Legacies in Modern Asia

AIH288Exploring Australia's Indigenous Pasts (Optional core unit 2)

Levels 3

AIH320 History Internship (no longer available for enrolment)

AIH326Australia's Empire: Colonialism in Papua New Guinea

AIH389The French Revolution and the Struggle for Freedom

AIH399Making History (Core unit)

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