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Photography - unit set code MJ-A000049

Burwood (Melbourne)

The Photography major sequence is based around creative, critical and professional practice. Students can choose to develop their artistic, academic or professional aspirations.
Level 1 introduces students to the basics of photographic techniques and practice and to the history of photography with respect to Australian and international artists. Using analog and digital technologies, students explore the uses of referent-based and non-referent based images as social and cultural artefacts.
Level 2 introduces a range of professional analog and digital photographic formats, darkroom and studio environments as well as the application of photographic imagery in virtual and collaborative environments at a global level. Students also engage in the discourse that surrounds contemporary photographic practice.
Level 3 introduces students to a range of alternative analog and digital photographic formats and their application in creative practice. Students are strongly encouraged to experiment, research and develop their own conceptual and aesthetic sensibilities. The work undertaken at this level is applicable to exhibition, installation, multimedia, and collaborative productions and provides a strong basis for further postgraduate studies and professional practice.

Level 1

ACI101Analogue Photography

ACI102Digital Photography

Level 2

ACI201Alternative Imaging

ACI202Digital Imaging 2: Advanced

ACI203Darkroom Practices

ACI204Contemporary Documentary and Narrative Photography

Level 3

Select 2 credit points from the following:

ACC317Communication and Creative Arts Internship A

ACI301Experimental Photography and Creative Practice

ACI302Photographic Lighting 2: Studio Lighting

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