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Middle East Studies - unit set code MJ-A000053

Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong), Cloud (Online)

A major in Middle East Studies will give students a comprehensive understanding of the events and issues shaping the region. There will be emphasis on both historical and contemporary issues relevant to the analysis of the Middle East as a regional system, as well as its place in the international system. A particular stress will be placed on the changing role of the United States in the Middle East since the end of the Cold War and its push to reshape the region's political landscape according to American national interests. Several of the endemic conflict situations that exist in the Middle East will be examined throughout the sequence, including the War on Terror; the invasion and occupation of Iraq, the Israel-Palestine impasse; the 2006 Israel-Lebanon crisis; Iran's nuclear ambitions, and the role of 'rogue states'.

On successful completion of the Middle East Studies sequence, students should have the skills and capacities to:

  • comprehend and critically analyse debates in relation to the Middle East
  • understand the organisation of government in the Middle East and North Africa
  • communicate clearly, in written and oral form, about the issues of the Middle East
  • understand and explain the principles that inform political action at local, national and global levels in relation to the region
  • articulate a coherent argument in response to set topics
  • identify, understand and analyse political ideas and arguments

Level 1

Core units

AIE153Historical Foundations of the Middle East

AIE154Modern Middle East Politics

Level 2 and 3

Core units

AIE255Issues in Middle East Politics

AIE364The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Level 2 and 3

Elective units

Select 4 credit points from level 2 and 3 elective units.

AIE365Middle East Study Tour

AIH264The Holocaust

AIR234 - no longer available for enrolment

AIR242Key Concepts in International Relations

AIR244 - no longer available for enrolment

AIR345 - no longer available for enrolment

ASC233International Migration and Multicultural Societies

ASP214Justice and Equality

ASP216Ethics in Global Society

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