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Childrens Literature - unit set code MJ-A000063

Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong), Warrnambool, Cloud (Online)

In the Children’s Literature major sequence, students explore a wide variety of literary and popular texts, from picture books for the very young and novels and films intended for young adults, to adult texts relevant to young people's literary education. The sequence focuses on how these texts imagine and convey ideas and values, and on the interplay between texts for young audiences and the social and cultural contexts in which they are produced and received. The sequence caters to students interested in children’s literature as a prominent domain of literary production, and is of particular relevance to those who intend to work with children and young people as primary or secondary teachers and librarians, and those who wish to produce texts for young people. Units aim to equip students with critical, analytical and research skills which will enable them to critique texts for children and young people and to recognise the socialising agendas which inform them. On successful completion of the major, students should have the following skills:

  • An ability to recognise and critique the language and narrative strategies whereby texts for children and young people position readers
  • An ability to read texts for children and young people in relation to cultural discourses and practices
  • An ability to use critical terminology where appropriate, and to draw upon knowledge of relevant aspects of literary, visual and cultural theory
  • An ability to articulate how various genres and forms of texts shape the communication of ideas and values to young audiences

Students must take 5 core units, and 3 selected units from listing below, of which at least 1 should be at level 3

Level 1

ALL153Literature for Children and Young Adults

ALL154Power Politics and Texts for Young People

Level 2

ALL228The Golden Age in Children's Literature

ALL230Re-Imagining Literature for Young People

Level 3

ALL326Material Girls, Material Boys

Select 3 credit points from the following, including at least one level 3 unit:

ACV203 Visual Narrative Studio (No longer available for enrolment)

ALL260Australian Literature

ALL274Supernatural Literature

ALL375Shakespeare: Six Plays, Six Worlds

ALL381Literary Ecologies: (Re)Imagining Our Place in the World

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