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Professional and Creative Writing - unit set code MJ-A000062

This major sequence provides students with the qualities and attributes that will enable them to work in specialised creative writing fields, and also transfer writing/editing skills across relevant work environments. Initially, studies focus on the craft of creative writing and redrafting, with research and analysis of a specific writing project. At the second level, students will research, develop and workshop materials to final draft in a range of forms selected from fiction, creative nonfiction, scriptwriting, poetry, professional writing and editing.  At the final level, students will work at a greater depth on two writing/editing projects. The writing major sequence is intensive, and incorporates participation in peer workshops. Readings are integral and provide theoretical and practical studies of models of writing at all levels. In all writing and editing units, the emphasis is on publication and/or the achievement of professional standards.


On successful completion of the Professional and Creative Writing major sequence, students should have the following skills:

  • an ability to identify, research, write and redraft stories in appropriate formats for print and/or online publication and/or performance
  • an ability to analyse the techniques, craft and associated critical and creative issues in writing/editing
  • the capacity to engage with peer and industry workshops, and professional networks.

Level 1


Trimester 1

ALW101Unit description is currently unavailable


Trimester 2

ALW102Unit description is currently unavailable


Select 6 credit points, including at least 2 credit points at level 2 and 2 credit points at level 3 from the following:


Level 2


Trimester 1

ALW225Unit description is currently unavailable

ALW223Unit description is currently unavailable

ALW227Unit description is currently unavailable

ALW240Unit description is currently unavailable


Trimester 2

ALW205Unit description is currently unavailable


Level 3


Trimester 1

ALW393Unit description is currently unavailable


Trimester 2

ALW394Unit description is currently unavailable


The following writing-related elective may be taken in addition to the prescribed major sequence:


Trimester 1 or Trimester 2

ALW117Unit description is currently unavailable

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