Bachelor of Commerce

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Details of major sequences

Accounting (B, G, W, X)^ - unit set code MJ-M30001

Accountants are information specialists. They provide information, which is the only means of summarising the activities and worth of an organisation in a manageable form, as the basis for all review, decision and action throughout virtually every layer of business and government.  An honours year is available upon completion of this major sequence.

Professional recognition
Graduates who complete the accounting major sequence plus specified finance and commercial law units will be eligible to apply for admission to the CA Program of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA). The CPA Program of CPA Australia and/or the Institute of Public Accountants.

Career opportunities
You may find employment in accounting positions in the business community, industry, commerce, the service sector or private practice, or work in management consulting, the financial services sector or with government bodies.


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Students should consult with their course adviser regarding the units required for professional recognition.
For intending Accounting Honours students MAA302 and MAA303 are strongly recommended units and should be taken as electives.

^ M300 Bachelor of Commerce is the recommended pathway to qualify for membership of professional organisations. 

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