Bachelor of Commerce

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Burwood (Melbourne), Waterfront (Geelong)*, Warrnambool*, Cloud (online)

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Finance is all about decision making. Do I buy or sell, invest or borrow? Finance specialists research and analyse the financial aspects of organisations and markets. They provide advice on investments and other areas of financial management. Studying finance will give you a broad understanding of the structure and operations of financial markets in Australia, plus the theory and techniques underlying financial decision-making.  An honours year is available upon completion of this major sequence.

Career outcomes

You may find employment opportunities in banking, brokering, credit analysis, funds management, insurance, international finance, risk management and securities analysis.


MAA250Ethics and Financial Services ^

MAF202Money and Capital Markets

MAF203Business Finance

MAE256Analytical Methods in Economics and Finance >

MAF307Equities and Investment Analysis

MAF306International Finance and Investment

MAF308Derivative and Fixed Income Securities

MAF302Corporate Finance

^ This unit was previously coded MAA350

> This unit was previously coded MAE356

* Waterfront (Geelong) and Warrnambool students will be required to undertake units in Cloud (online) mode.


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