Bachelor of Commerce

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Financial Planning


Burwood (Melbourne), Waterfront (Geelong)*, Warrnambool*, Cloud (online)

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Choosing a major sequence in financial planning will provide you with the skills you need to attain your own personal financial goals and to develop the expertise to advise others in a professional capacity. Financial planners specialise in key financial areas, including retirement taxation, investment and estate planning. You will examine both the theoretical framework of financial planning, plus the practical application of the theories and strategies.

Professional recognition

Graduates who complete the Financial Planning major sequence in the Bachelor of Commerce are eligible to join the Financial Planning Association (FPA) and eligible for entry into the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Certification Program which is offered by the Financial Planning Association of Australia and is recognised by the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) as a pathway into the Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP) designation.

Career outcomes

Financial planners are innovative and lateral in their thinking, they are up to date with the latest changes and they are committed to providing sound, independent and ethical advice.


MAA215Building Client Relationships <

MAA255Financial Planning ^

MAA317Superannuation Planning ~

MAA318Advanced Financial Planning >

MAA319Estate Planning and Insurance #

MLC301Principles of Income Tax Law

MAF202Money and Capital Markets

MAF307Equities and Investment Analysis


< This unit was previously coded MAF315

^ This unit was previously coded MAF255

~ This unit was previously coded MAF311

> This unit was previously coded MAF312

# This unit was previously coded MAF316

(i) Financial planning students intending to undertake an Honours degree must complete the Finance major sequence.

* Waterfront (Geelong) and Warrnambool students will be required to undertake one unit in Cloud (online) mode.


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