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Details of major sequences

Biology - unit set code MJ-S000008

Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong)

The biology major sequence is suitable for students who wish to obtain experience in a broad range of biological sub-disciplines. It offers the flexibility to choose units from disciplines ranging from human biology to ecology and environment.

SLE111Cells and Genes

SLE132Biology: Form and Function

Plus 6 additional Biology course grouped units from the list below (minimum of 2 at levels 2 and 3)

Level 1

SLE136Life On An Evolving Planet

Level 2

SLE203Plant Biology

SLE204Animal Diversity

SLE205Vertebrate Structure and Function

SLE206Cell Biology

SLE211Principles of Physiology


SLE221Systems Physiology

SLE222Biochemical Metabolism


SLE254Genetics and Genomics

SLE208Forensic Biology

SLE220Wildlife Ecology

SLE224Animal Behaviour


Level 3

SLE307Behavioural Ecology

SLE315Marine Animal Physiology

SLE321Molecular Biology Techniques

SLE334Medical Microbiology and Immunology

SLE339Human Genetics and Genomics

SLE340Genomes and Bioinformatics

SLE346Molecular Basis of Disease


SLE395Palaeobiology ^

SLE397Sensory Neurobiology and Behaviour


SLE309Wildlife Conservation

SLE310Pest Plants and Animals

SLE317Australian Vegetation and Its Management

SLE322Landscape Ecology

SLE350Marine Wildlife

SLE372Evolutionary Ecology

^ not available in 2015 (available in 2016)

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