Bachelor of Engineering

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Civil - unit set code MJ-S000037

Civil Engineering degree gives you the building blocks to design, construct and maintain our community. Learn to plan and build the infrastructure systems that are necessary for our day-to-day life. Civil engineers are responsible for the design, construction and project management of roads, airports and railways; water supply and sewerage systems; water resources management; and buildings and other infrastructures. This course covers the broad range of civil engineering disciplines including engineering materials, structural engineering, water engineering, geotechnical engineering and transport engineering. Graduates can expect to gain employment in a wide range of organisations such as construction companies, water authorities, local government bodies, public works departments and as consulting engineers.

Level 1

Trimester 1

SEB121Engineering Practice

SEB101Engineering Physics ^

SIT199Applied Algebra and Statistics

SED102Engineering Graphics and CAD

SEE010Safety Induction Program *

* SEE010 is a 0 credit point safety induction unit

^  SEB101 replaces SEP101 from 2016

Trimester 2

SEE103Electrical Systems

SEM111Engineering Materials 1

SIT194Introduction to Mathematical Modelling

SIT172Programming for Engineers

Level 2

Trimester 1

SEM218Fluid Mechanics

SEM223Engineering Mechanics

SEV217Engineering Geology and Surveying

SEP291Engineering Modelling

Trimester 2

SEB223The Professional Environment for Engineers and Scientists

SEM222Stress Analysis

SEV215Water Systems

SEV252Geo Mechanics 1

Level 3

Trimester 1

SEV320Theory of Structures

SEV322Hydrology and Hydraulics

SEV362Geotechnical Engineering

SEV354Transportation Engineering

Trimester 2

SEB324Project Management

SEV323Steel and Timber Structures

SEV328Water and Wastewater Treatment

SEV353Reinforced Concrete Structures

SEP490Engineering Work Experience

Note: SEP490 - 0 credit points, available in trimester 1, 2 and 3

Level 4

Trimester 1

SEJ441Engineering Project A

SEV454Advanced Structural Design

SEV455Water System Design

Engineering elective

Trimester 2

SEJ446Engineering Project B (2cps)

SEV414Transportation Infrastructure

Engineering elective

Highly recommended electives:

SET401Advanced Topics in Engineering 1

SET402Advanced Topics in Engineering 2

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