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ESP701 - Education and Development of Exceptional Learners

Unit details

Year2018 unit information
Enrolment modes:Trimester 1: Cloud (online)
Credit point(s):1
EFTSL value:0.125
Unit chair:

Claire Spicer





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Learning experiences are via CloudDeakin


This unit focuses on the current understandings of students with exceptional learning abilities. Topics covered include conceptions of intelligence, giftedness and talent; identification; social and emotional needs; underachievement; students at risk; curriculum models and program planning.


Essay: Related to current understandings of the education and development of exceptional learners. This essay requires a clear and thorough analysis of gifted theories and an understanding of multiple factors related to gifted education (socio-cultural, gender bias, motivation, self-efficacy and twice exceptionality), 2500 words, 40%


Project: A project applying theory to practice through the analysis of a gifted student (in their school) or the analysis of a real case study of a gifted child. This task requires a demonstration of the characteristics of gifted students; social, emotional, family, gender and cultural associations; analysis of school, State and National policies and gifted education programs suitable for teaching the specific gifted student, 3000 words, 50%


Online discussions: Participation in two online discussions. The first based on a selected weekly theme/topic with clear links to the literature. The second post, a film review that evaluates the message being imparted to audiences with regards to socially sanctioned expectations or behaviours of the ‘gifted’, 500 words, 10%



  1. Completion and documentation of 2 days of professional development relating to the Practicum Case Study.
  2. Knowledge of relevant support services related to the field

Students who fail a hurdle requirement will be ineligible for a Pass Conceded grade for that unit and will receive a result of no more than 44% for that unit, waived under special consideration arrangements.

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