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HSH208 - Health Communication

Unit details

Note: You are seeing the 2009 view of this unit information. These details may no longer be current. [Go to the current version]
Enrolment modes:(B, G, W, CBD)
EFTSL value: 0.125
Unit chair:B Murphy (B)
Contact hours: 3 hours per week (1 x 1 hour weekly lecture, 1 x 2 hour tutorial)


Online teaching methods require internet access. Please refer to the most current computer specifications.


This unit examines theoretical and practical aspects of health communication and marketing such as audience segmentation, message development and delivery, approaches to mass media, development of visual and written materials, use of shock tactics. Students will critically examine controversial and sensitive campaigns, as well as 'health promotion disasters'. Students will also be introduced to the software applications such as PowerPoint in designing and implementing campaigns, presentations and messages during computer practical sessions. Topics include: understanding and working with the media; developing press releases; communication and behaviour change theories; Information, Education and Communication (IEC) approaches, including social marketing; conducting controversial or sensitive campaigns; conducting low budget campaigns in the community; global contexts, cultural appropriateness and sensitivity; working with CALD groups and engaging the community; communication skills and strategies; presenting, conducting meetings, forums and interviews; the role of communication strategies (e.g. advocacy, networking, building partnerships and building capacity) in promoting health; health online.


Students will work in syndicate groups to complete assessment. Assignment 1 - media based (equivalent 2000 words per student) 50%, assignment 2 - communication based (equivalent 2000 words per student) 50%

Unit Fee Information

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