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HSH740 - People, Health and Planning

Unit details

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Enrolment modes:(B)
Credit point(s):1
Offering information:

(This unit is offered in alternate, odd years. Offered Trimester 3 2011-2012, 2013-2014)

Unit chair:M Townsend (B)
Contact hours:

2 x 2 all day seminars


Online teaching methods require internet access. Please refer to the most current computer specifications at <


This unit focuses on the interrelationships between the biophysical environment, environmental and urban planning legislation, policy and planning systems, and wellbeing. It will explore the way in which a range of aspects of our physical and social environment affect our health, and examine the planning and policy implications of this. On completion of the unit students should be able to: understand the links between people, health and place and the connection to planning, identify and apply public health evidence to planning issues, critique planning policy from a public health perspective, critique public health policy from a planning perspective and present a persuasive argument for integrating public health and planning policy/activity.


Discussion paper (2000 words) 40%, strategic plan (3000 words) 60%

Unit Fee Information

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